Baseball Outfielding

To be a great outfielder in baseball, a player must have a certain skill set to be successful. These skills include speed, strength, agility, body control, balance, flexibility, and a high level range of motion. An explosive first step in or back on a ball hit to you can determine whether the ball is going to be caught or just out of your reach.

Dominate the Outfield

Lower Body Kinetic Bands from Myosource can help an outfielder increase the explosion on that first step as well as the speed and agility it takes to track those baseballs down. Kinetic Bands use resistance band training technology so that any outfielder can practice like normal while wearing the bands and actually be increasing these above skills while doing so.

When performing outfield drills with the resistance bands on, a player can increase his speed, strength, agility, body control, balance, flexibility, and range of motion all while practicing routine outfield drills. With consistent use, the bands will naturally increase these attributes and when a player takes them off, they will be able to notice the huge difference the resistance has made. The strength to explode to the ball will be stronger, the speed to get to the ball will be faster, the agility and body control to turn and make adjustments will increase, and the flexibility to make longer strides and reach for the ball will increase as well. Catch baseballs in the air and cut baseballs off in the gap that you never could before with Lower Body Kinetic Bands from Myosource.

Training Drills for Outfielders

Simulation Training Drill #1: Baseball Outfield Crossover & Sprint Drill

The outfielder should perform this drill 4-6 times with the resistance bands and 2-3 times without the resistance bands. This drill should be performed in both directions, left and right. The baseball outfielder shall execute a quick crossover step, then sprint as fast as possible while looking over their left shoulder for the baseball. Note: For maximum speed, remember to tuck the glove close to the body while running.

Simulation Training Drill #2

The benefit of this crossover and sprint drill is to utilize the Myosource Kinetic Bands for outfielders to maintain balance and build strength in the legs and hips to increase speed and the ability to catch or cut off balls hit in the gap. Outfielders must develop the proper crossover footwork, build speed, and maintain body control, while looking over their shoulder for the baseball.

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