Flexibility Workouts

Playing baseball can put a lot of strain on the body so it is extremely important for the players to thoroughly stretch, increasing flexibility to stay in great shape and prevent injury. Our baseball stretching strap is a great tool for baseball players to use in order to thoroughly stretch their lower body, core, and upper body. The flexibility strap is small, easy-to-use, and can be purchased separately. Myosource offers a variety of flexibility workouts, as well as speed and skill videos to train baseball players in utilizing both the Myosource Upper and Lower Body Kinetic Bands and the Myosource Flexibility Stretching Strap.

Increase Baseball Flexibility With These Workouts

Baseball Leg Lifts - Part 1

The baseball player will lay flat on the back and place one foot in one end of the Flexibility Stunt Strap. Then pull the leg up by using one hand in the other end of the stretching strap, while walking the opposite hand towards the strapped foot. Finally, the player will pull the foot and leg up straight, to the right, and to the left to build flexibility in the hip flexors, groin, hamstrings, thighs, and quads.

Baseball Leg Lifts - Part 2

The baseball player will roll on to the stomach, place one foot in to one end of the Flexibility Stunt Strap and grab the other end with their hands. Then pull the foot up towards the body as far as possible and hold the leg in position for 15-20 seconds and then slowly let it down. Switch legs and repeat, stretching and building flexibility on both sides of the body. Pulling the stretching strap with the hands, arms, and shoulders also allows the baseball player to stretch the upper body at the same time.

Baseball Flexibility Strap

The Myosource Flexibility Stunt Strap is also a great tool for shoulder and arm stretching to increase flexibility in any upper body movements. One end of the strap is held in the left hand while the player uses the right hand to stretch the left arm across the body, working flexibility in the triceps, biceps, and shoulders. The baseball player will then switch and use the left hand to pull the right arm across the body. Baseball players should stretch with the strap until they feel the muscles being stretched. It is important not to pull too far to where it hurts, possibly causing injury.

Upper Body Flex Stretch

The baseball player will grab one end of the Flexibility Stunt Strap with the right hand behind the back and put the other end of the strap over the opposite shoulder. Then grab the end of the strap on the shoulder with the opposite hand, walking it down the strap as far as possible towards the other hand. This stretch works the triceps and shoulders by firing the muscles, creating flexibility in the arms and shoulders

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