Baseball Dynamic Warm Up & Ladder Drills

Part 1: Warming Up With Dynamic Movements

Baseball puts tremendous strain on a player's arms, shoulders, back, hips, and legs. Hitting, fielding, catching, and pitching all require flexibility, mobility, range of motion, and full body strength. Baseball players should always prepare their bodies for action by warming up and stretching properly. A good dynamic warm up will help them perform at peak level and can help reduce the risk of injuries. Using leg resistance bands during your baseball warm up can activate more muscles in the legs, hips and core with each movement.

Part 2: Advanced Baseball Warm Up With Ladder Drills

The advanced phase of our dynamic warm Up for baseball includes Ladder Drills. These quick paced, high intensity drills get the blood flowing, the body limber, and the heart pounding. These baseball warm up drills provide a great cardio workout and allow athletes to maximize training time by helping them work on improving hip stability, quick feet, and fast paced movement with body control at the same time they're warming up.

Warming Up For Your Postion


Baseball infielders and outfielders move in a variety of directions and body positions, making it important that the entire body is completely warmed up prior to practicing and playing to prevent injury.


Pitching can put a lot of strain on a baseball player's arm and shoulder and requires extreme flexilibility. Stretching is important for a pitcher to stay healthy and maintain mobility throughout the upper body.


A baseball catcher's thighs, hips, glutes, and back take a great amount of abuse because much of their time is spent in a squatting position or performing vigorous up and down movements. Catchers need to warm up the entire body in order to have the mobility and flexibility needed to last an entire game. The hamstrings need an extreme amount of stretching because they are the foundation for the catcher's weight while squatting. A cramp or pulled hamstring can immediately hinder a catcher's ability.


The amount of upper body strength, hip rotation, and stability needed demands mobility and flexibility for powerful and consistent hitting.

Using resistance bands like Myosource Kinetic Bands benefit baseball players in warming up, stretching, and practicing to develop flexibility, mobility, strength, and quick muscle reactors. Kinetic Bands allow baseball players to copy all of their movements and skills without limiting their abilities

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