Floor Exercise

Gymnastics Floor Exercise

The gymnastics floor exercise involves basic and complex tumbling, posing, dance moves, twisting, bending, and stretching. It is performed by both male and female gymnasts, the women performing to music while the men perform in silence. Floor routines are a combination of tumbling acrobatic passes, performance skills, and flexibility movements. Each level of gymnastics requires certain kicks, jumps, turns, tumbling techniques, and flexibility skills.

Gymnastics Floor Exercise


The Myosource Kinetic Bands are great for gymnastics training, stretching, and warm ups. The kinetic bands enable gymnasts to prepare the lower body, core, and upper body to adequately perform the skills and tumbling moves the floor exercise demands, while providing the resistance the muscles need to develop quick and precise movements. The resistance bands do not limit a gymnast from performing any skills or movements while training to build quick muscle reactions for increased speed, momentum, flexibility, and mobility.


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