Tone and Firm - Full Body Fitness for Women

Tone, Firm, and Burn Fat with the Myosource Kinetic Bands.



Grace is Back: After giving birth to her first child, Grace is back to competing in bikini competitions. Whether or not you personally are interest in competing in bikini competitions, it is not uncommon for most women to want to tone and firm their bodies. Having children, working full time, and many other aspects of everyday life have a way of taking a toll on the body. Grace has trained in many of the Myosource Kinetic Band videos, showing how to use the bands to tone and firm, burn fat, and many other aspects of getting in shape. We have all seen the before and after pictures of people who have transformed their body's through eating healthy and Total Body Fitness. These types of changes are for all age groups and all levels of fitness. 


Build Lean Muscles While Burning Fat:

Full body exercises with the Myosource Kinetic Bands are ideal for those who do not have much extra time and are unable to make it to the gym on a regular basis. The Myosource Kinetic Bands are a great way to perform a variety of full range of motion exercises to work the shoulders, back, chest, hips, glutes, biceps, triceps, hamstrings, quads, inner thighs, and outer thighs. 

Workouts can become mundane, so there's no surprise it is easy for women lose interest. The Myosource Kinetic Bands are a great way to get results quickly. For those of you that struggle with stomach flab or want to tighten the buttocks, the Myosource Kinetic Bands resistance exercises are extremely effective. 

The Myosource Kinetic Bands are a simple and effective tool used for full body toning and firming. These bands come with a variety of different resistance levels so all ages and body types are able to successfully use them. The Myosource Kinetic Bands will work for the beginner, the intermediate, and the advanced, providing a way to increase the resistance as you progress. Feel the burn and experience the results in a short period of time.

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