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Bow and Arrow Cheerleading Stunt

Mastering The Bow and Arrow Cheerleading Training With Cheer Kinetic Bands

The Cheerleading Bow and Arrow stunt is a skill that requires great flexibility and balance. The bow and arrow is more difficult than a heel stretch because the cheerleader has to change the hand that is holding the foot, while placing the other arm in front of the extended leg.


What Flyers Need To Know

The flyer in a bow and arrow stunt has to be extremely flexible and able to balance on one leg, while the other leg is directly next to the head. Flyers should not attempt a bow and arrow until they have first perfected a heel stretch. A heel stretch is a start to the bow and arrow because it gets the flyer comfortable with balancing on one leg while holding the heel of the other leg as high as possible.

What Bases Need To Know

The bases are just as important as the flyer in perfecting a bow and arrow stunt. During a bow and arrow stunt there are generally 2 bases, 1 back spot, 1 flyer, and occasionally 1 front spot. The bases must be able to lift the flyer above the head with the arms completely extended, causing them to use excessive muscle strength in the legs, hips, and core.

How to perform a Cheerleading Bow and Arrow

  1. The flyer will start by putting the foot of the balancing leg in the hands of the main base, while the side base grips both the top and bottom of the foot at the arch. The back spot will stabilize the flyer by gripping the ankle with one hand, while the other hand is on the flyers bottom.
  2. On a squad determined count, the bases and back spot will lift the flyer into the air above their heads, with the arms fully extended.
  3. Once the flyer is safely balanced in the air they will begin the stunt with a heel stretch.
  4. The flyer will use the opposite hand to reach over the head to grab the extended foot.
  5. The flyer will then place the arm previously holding the foot in front of the leg in a T motion. This results with the flyers body in the shape of a bow and arrow.

Cheerleading Bow and Arrow Tips:

Cheerleaders must stretch before practicing or performing a bow and arrow. Failing to stretch could easily cause a cheerleader to pull a muscle or experience another type of injury.

Cheerleaders should practice the bow and arrow in front of a mirror so they are able to determine what needs to be perfected.

Cheerleaders should also have a coach or another cheerleader critique their stunts for improvement and expertise.

Improve Your Bow and Arrow Stunt With Cheer Kinetic Bands

Cheer Kinetic Bands provide a great opportunity for both cheerleading bases and flyers to build strength in the legs, hips, and core. The resistance provided by Kinetic Bands will help increase a cheerleader's flexibility and balance, making it easier to perform a bow and arrow. Kinetic Bands will also increase the momentum and endurance cheerleaders need to perform safe and successful cheerleading stunts like the bow and arrow. Cheerleaders should warm up, stretch, and practice while wearing Kinetic Bands to strengthen these important areas and improve their individual skills.

Flexibility Stunt Strap is included in our Cheer Kinetic Bands pack and is a great stretching and warm-up tool used by cheerleaders to increase their flexibility, as well as provide them with a greater range of motion, for better jumps, stunts, and tumbling. The Flexibility Stunt Strap is designed to help cheerleaders stretch without putting any unnecessary stress on the joints and provides immediate guaranteed results. These inexpensive and easy-to-use stretching straps are extremely helpful for flyers trying to perfect certain stunts, especially the bow and arrow.


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