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General Volleyball Skills

Improving Volleyball Skills and Drills With Resistance Training

Having a successful volleyball training advantage is vital in staying with and excelling past the competition. Using Kinetic Bands during training allows volleyball players to mimic the exact movements needed to perform during a game. Volleyball players are finding that using these unique resistance bands helps them build explosive power, move more freely, and achieve a greater range of motion.


Volleyball is a popular sport played by males and females of all ages and abilities. There is little league volleyball, club/competitive volleyball, high school volleyball, college volleyball, and sand volleyball. Players of all levels are constantly looking for ways to improve their skills to take their game to the next level. Vertical jumps, speed, agility, and overall explosive power are needed to block, dive, set, serve, and spike. Adding overall strength to specific skill development by using resistance bands training enables volleyball players to warm up, stretch, and practice to reach their full potential. Resistance training with the Myosource Kinetic Bands builds quick and strong muscle fibers that contract quickly and explosively for volleyball players to become more flexible, mobile, and powerful.

Although volleyball is considered a non-contact sport, injury often occurs because of the act of continuous jumping, diving, and high volume of movements. Volleyball players must strength train properly to protect the lower back, shoulders, legs, and knees. Jumping and diving on hard surfaces can take a toll on the body. Warming up and stretching with Myosource Kinetic Bands before a practice or game is a great way to help prevent injury.

The basic skills in volleyball center around serving, blocking, passing, setting, hitting, blocking and digging. Volleyball players are skilled in all of these areas, but most of them excel in one specific skill.

Taking Volleyball Skills To The Next Level

Elite volleyball players spend much time working on proper technique and are dedicated to improving their areas of weakness. Some coaches and trainers have their players watch themselves on video in order to see their mistakes and where they need to improve. This is a great way for volleyball players to see whether or not their techniques are correct and to make corrections to their form so they can take their skills and performance to the next level.

Mental Volleyball Skills

We've discussed the physical skills of volleyball, but there are mental skills you can work on as well to complete the package and reach your full potential as a volleyball player.

  • Anticipation: Volleyball players need the ability to anticipate the opponents every move. Paying attention to body language or noticing how and where the opponent lines up can help you anticipate how they will react. Many times when a volleyball is set, multiple players will jump in the air is if they are the player who is going to spike the ball but only one of them is going to be the real hitter. It is important for the players on the other side of the net to anticipate which one is the real hitter in order to attempt a block or return.
  • Attention To Detail: Volleyball players must pay attention to details like spiking setup, set direction, body posture for hitting, etc.
  • Be a Team Player: Volleyball players must work as a team not just an individual. It takes the entire team to win.
  • Be Coachable: Volleyball players need to stay coachable. There are always things to learn or adjustments that need to be made. Players need to be willing to take advice and put it to use.
  • Have Determination: Volleyball players must have determination and maintain the drive to get better. Even professional athletes look for ways to improve and continue working hard to get ahead.
  • Responsibility: Volleyball players must show responsibility to achieve personal goals and stay focused.


Using Myosource Kinetic Bands while you perform volleyball drills is a great way for volleyball players to improve muscle strength, speed and agility while they work to improve their volleyball skills. Kinetic Bands are easy to use, inexpensive, and compact enough to fit easily into a volleyball bag. Volleyball players can use them at home, at the gym and at practice.

Performing volleyball drills with resistance (wearing the Kinetic Bands) and then performing the same drills without the resistance (without the Kinetic Bands) will let you feel how much impact the bands have on improving your game. Setting, hitting, spiking, serving, passing, and blocking are difficult skills to master. It takes speed, direction, position, technique, flexibility, endurance, and much more to dominate the competition.


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