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Volleyball Hitting

Powerful and Explosive Hitting in Volleyball

Volleyball hitters and spikers must have high jumps and quick reflexes that combine with great eye and hand coordination to be successful. This is why volleyball players need to be able to develop great technique and increase their power and strength to jump higher and hit more forcefully. Volleyball players must constantly challenge themselves and their muscles to increase their strength and hitting power.


Having strong and powerful hitters on a volleyball team intimidates the competition and is a huge asset. The Myosource Kinetic Bands training is used by volleyball players to build explosive power and strength in order to get higher off the ground and transfer power throughout the legs and core to the shoulders and arms to hit forcefully and aggressively. The great thing about the Myosource Kinetic Bands resistance training is that the players are able to utilize the bands while they are practicing their skills, just like they would perform in a volleyball game. Volleyball players are successfully increasing their jump heights to explode on the ball with more power by utilizing the resistance bands during their stretching, warm-ups, and practices. When the resistance bands are taken off, the volleyball players legs feel feather-like in weight because the resistance is no longer there, which gives them increased jump height, power, and full range of motion.

Volleyball Hitting / Spike Skills

When a team’s volleyball hitters can jump higher, maintain great timing in meeting the volleyball, hit the volleyball at the right spot and make it difficult for the other team to return it, that team has higher chances of being successful. A volleyball hitter must remember that the volleyball needs to stay in front of the hitting shoulder. In order to do this the hitter must watch the volleyball setting from the time the it leaves the setters hands. If the volleyball is set into a position that is too far in front of the hitter, they will most likely not be able to hit the ball with power but will have to tip the volleyball over the net. If the volleyball is set too far behind the hitter, they will have to perform a loop hit instead of a downward slam. Positioning is essential for a great volleyball hit. A volleyball hitter is not able to swing their arm down in the flowing motion if the volleyball is not set in the correct place.

  • To spike the volleyball the hitter should be anywhere from 8 to 12 steps away from the net, anticipating the set.
  • There is a four-step approach and a three-step approach depending on the hitter. Right handed volleyball hitters start with their right foot and left handed volleyball hitter’s step first with their left foot.
  • A volleyball hitter will extend their arms back, then forward as high as they can on the 2nd or 3rd step, depending on if using a 3 or 4 step approach. The swing of the arms provides an extensive sweeping motion, which helps the volleyball hitter get higher off the ground.
  • The volleyball hitters arm will whip so that the hitting hand comes through the volleyball with a shoulder snap.
  • When contact to the ball is made, make sure the volleyball hitters hand is open and strong so that the volleyball is hit on the top half.


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