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Volleyball Passing

Volleyball: The Challenge of Passing

The Myosource Kinetic Bands resistance training challenges the muscles by increasing durability, flexibility, power, balance, coordination, and strength. The Myosource Kinetic Bands are safe for any age of volleyball player to use, inexpensive, and travel easily. When a volleyball player is at practice they are able to put on the Mosource Kinetic Bands straps around the knees to practice their skills just like they will perform in a volleyball game. The bands do not limit any movements or restrict volleyball players when warming up, stretching, or practicing.


Volleyball passing is the first volleyball hit in the three step process. When playing volleyball, a passer must be ready at all times and able to move around the court quickly. Volleyball passers are the players that play on the back row and are always in their athletic position so they are ready to move forward, backward, or laterally. The Myosource Kinetic Bands resistance training is beneficial for volleyball pass training in order to build the muscle strength and quick reaction timing, as well as producing a quick first step to get to the volleyball in a controlled and relaxed athletic position.

If the volleyball is served short, a front row player has the ability to pass the volleyball overhand. No matter which way a volleyball player passes the ball, they must square up their hips, feet, knees, and shoulders in order to remain in control and balanced to make a great pass. When the volleyball is served deep, a volleyball passer is able to use their forearms to pass the ball with great timing and accuracy.

Volleyball Forearm Passing

The most common pass in volleyball is the forearm pass. In order to develop a great forearm pass it is important for a volleyball passer to get their body lined up behind the ball in order to make contact with it at their mid section. The passer faces their setter in order to pass the volleyball with direction. Passers use the right angle to pass the volleyball to their right by bringing their right shoulder down. If the volleyball passer needs to pass to the left then they will drop their left shoulder to direct the volleyball to the left. Successful volleyball passers know how to get in front of the volleyball with one foot out front and their knees slightly bent. When volleyball passers put their weight on the balls of their feet they are ready to move in any direction. Forearm passing utilizes legs, hips, and shoulders explosive strength to pass the volleyball to the setter. If the volleyball players swing their forearms during a forearm pass they will not be able to control the volleyball. The forearm pass in volleyball is used when the opposition serves or spikes the volleyball. If the volleyball is over waist high then the forearm pass is hard to execute. Remember to allow the volleyball to come to the arms not the arms go to the volleyball.

Volleyball Overhead Passing

A volleyball overhead pass is when a player passes the volleyball over their head. Volleyball setters use the overhead pass for the second hit. On the first hit volleyball players generally use the forearm pass whenever possible but if the volleyball is served short, a front row player may need to use an overhead pass to keep the volleyball in play. To pass overhead, volleyball players stand with their feet a shoulders width apart, feet staggered, and their knees bent. It is important to remember to square the body, especially the shoulders, up with where the pass is intended to go, using the lower body strength to transfer through the core and out through the arms.


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