Lower Back Stretches / Lower Back Exercises with Myosource Kinetic Bands - Fitness Workout / Cheerleading

Lower Back Stretches / Lower Back Exercises with Myosource Kinetic Bands - Fitness Workout / Cheerleading

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 28th Sep 2014

The video below shows some great lower back stretches for athletes to perform to prevent injury and help with pain. This college cheerleader is using Myosource Kinetic Bands and Myosource Stretching Strap to perfrom intense lower back stretches. She did not even realize how tight her lower back was and could have easily incurred injury.

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A huge percentage of people today experience lower back pain. If you are an athlete then your chance of experience lower back pain increases due to the wear and tear on your body. The need for athletes to perform extensive lower back exercises or lower back stretches is a necessity. Whether you are a cheerleader or a football player your lower back will experience huge amounts of pressure, pulling, pushing, turning, and contact. It is not uncommon for athletes to be on the sideline or on the bench due to lower back injury or pain. Even the most elite athletes need to perform lower back pain stretches. We want athletes to realize the importance of lower back stretches to prevent them from missing out on the game time, not getting the position they were working towards or being cut from the team due to not taking the precautions of the proper lower back exercises to prevent lower back injury and pain. Popping a pain pill or aleve only goes so far. The goal is to prevent lower back pain and injury.

Myosource Athletic Stretching Strapis a great tool for athletes to use to perform lower back stretches. The Athletic Stretching Strap will help any Cheerleaders and all other athletes increase their flexibility and make it easier to perform lower back exercises to thoroughly stretch out the muscles in the lower back. The stretching back is great for upper back stretches, flexibility exercises, shoulder exercises, hip stretches and lower body stretches.  

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