Pro Soccer (Football) Speed Program

The PRO Soccer (Football) Program is a carefully prepared plan for improving speed and overall physical preparation of an athlete. The entire program focuses on basic soccer (football) training, with the aim of improving components for future work with the ball; resulting in the best performance of the technical elements required in tactical formation of the athlete’s team.

Basically, we could say, that the PRO Soccer (Football) Program is necessary for every player whose goal is to reach the peak of his/her abilities.

Boy practicing soccer using the soccer (football) physical preparation program


Exercises are designed and tailored for different age categories of players who aim to improve their basic physical preparation and subsequently reach their high goals. You can expect results relatively quickly, because the exercises are specifically prepared to strengthen the muscles which are necessary for soccer (football) in its specific movements. With the program you will strengthen:

- Obliques (musculus obliquus externus abdominis), which stabilizes your pelvis and upper body

Human torso depicting muscles; highlighting the obliques (also known as Musculus Obliquus Externus Abdominis)

- Biggest glute muscle (musculus gluteus maximus), which is the extensor, outer rotator and abductor of the hip flexor

Biggest glute muscle (also known as Musculus Gluteus Maximus)

- Middle glute muscle (musculus gluteus medius), which is important for inner and outer rotation of the hip flexor and for holding your pelvis in the appropriate position

Middle glute muscle (also known as Musculus Gluteus Medius)

- Vastus lateralis, which is the biggest and strongest part of the quadriceps

Side view of biggest and strong part of quadriceps (also known as Vastus Lateralis)

How the program works:

The program should be done three times a week, and the workout length is no longer than 30 minutes. We advise younger athletes to do the program in the morning before school or any other obligations, so the body has time to recover and be ready for the afternoon training. Higher level athletes can do the program in the morning or even before their own practice, because the program will serve as a great body activation workout.

The PRO Football (Soccer) Speed program will also help you:

- Improve your speed
- Improve leg and upper body strength
- Improve core stability
- Reduce possibility of injuries
- Maintain and improve your physical preparation throughout the entire competition period

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