Balance Beam

A gymnast's goals while training on the balance beam should be to minimize errors, eliminate falls, and perform routines safely. A gymnast must keep the body tight at all times on the 4 inch wide balance beam, using muscles throughout the entire body to perform successful jumps, leaps, turns, and tumbling techniques. The power and strength a gymnast must posses, especially in the core, is essential for the stability and body control needed to perform such difficult tasks. It is extremely common to see gymnasts perform graceful and eloquent dance moves on the balance beam to transition from one tumbling technique to another. While on the beam, gymnasts must always maintain good posture, pointed toes, and clean movements to obtain better scores from the judges and beat their competition.

Beginner Tips For The Balance Beam:

Balance Beam

The Myosource Kinetic Bands are a great training tool for balance beam training. By strengthening the leg, hip, and core muscles with the resistance bands, gymnasts will improve flexibility, balance, body control, endurance, and strength. The kinetic bands add resistance to any gymnastic movements, activating the muscles needed to perform at an advanced level. The resistance bands are easy to use and allow the gymnasts to practice just as they would perform. The Myosource Kinentic Bands will provide a gymnast with higher leaps and jumps, tighter turns and spins, and better tumbling skills.

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