Gymnastics Kinetic Bands®

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Our Gymnastics Combo includes: A set of Kinetic Bands and Free Stretching Strap (choose from 7 colors).

Take Gymnastics Strength Training to a new level and increase flexibility in Gymnastics Stretches with our Gymnastics Kinetic Bands® Combo!

Gymnastics Strength Training is easy and effective with Gymnastics Kinetic Bands. Worn during gymnastics training, the Kinetic Bands provide resistance to help gymnasts improve leg, hip, and core strength with every move; ideal for helping gymnasts build lower body strength and improve flexibility and balance while they practice skills.

Use Kinetic Bands during your gymnastics strength and conditioning training and feel the difference. The Kinetic Bands enhance each exercise to fire more muscles and can help you build the strength and stamina needed for gymnastics. Improving core and leg strength can increase confidence, flexibility, balance, and help reduce the risk of injury.

Gymnastics Stretches are more productive too with the free gymnastics stretching strap (MSRP $8.95). Our stretching straps are designed to help a gymnast stretch without putting any unnecessary stress on joints; perfect for helping gymnasts easily stretch for better flexibility in a pre-stretch warm up routine or during a post-stretch. They are available in 6 colors: light blue, pink, red, black, purple, and silver.

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