Flexibility and Mobility Fitness Workout to Improve Golf Swing With Myosource PowerForm Bands Golf Training Aid

Flexibility and Mobility Fitness Workout to Improve Golf Swing With Myosource PowerForm Bands Golf Training Aid

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 9th Jul 2018

For those who want to improve their Golf Swing we now have PowerFrom Bands. Utilize this unique resistance bands design to improve flexibility plus create a smooth and consistent swing. For anyone who golf’s they will understand that a perfect golf swing is something that most people only dream of. The PowerForm Bands provide a different way for a golfer at any level to increase their power and body form in each swing. The PowerForm bands are a great tool to increase strength through the upper body as well as improve control, length of drive and body flexibility for a better overall swing.

One issue that many golfers have is that they are unable to follow through with their swing keeping their elbows and hands in. The PowerForm bands / resistance bands help with this to develop more consistency, better mechanics and a smoother swing. We have a lot of golfers who are now using. The Powerform Bands are a great training tool for both left and right hand swings and they are easy to take along on any golf outing. Notice in the video above that each golfer positions their feet so that the bands are easy to use as they turn their body through each swing. By having their feet square these golfers are also working to increase hip strength and hip rotation.

Notice how the golfers are able to maintain more control with their hands and elbows through their back and down swing with The PowerForm Bands. This forces them to use the power from their body instead of their arms. If you want to get the golf ball in the air more consistently then learning to control the arms and hands will make a huge difference. The bands force the user to use their body for control instead of the arms and hands. Its easy to see in this video that these golfers are working through the resistance to get ride of the unnecessary shoulder tilt and maximize their swing power and increase their body control. 

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