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Fitness Workout - Legs and Glutes - Booty Shaping

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*Repeat This Sequence 2-3 Times Using the Kinetic Bands*

Walking Lunges (Forward & Backward): Backward movement works the opposite muscles that are used when moving forward to help balance muscle development and muscle activation. Moving forward and backward helps to improve balance and forces the body to stay upright increasing core engagement. 


  • 20 Forward (10 Reps Right Leg, 10 Reps Left Leg)
  • 20 Backward (10 Reps Right Leg, 10 Reps Left Leg)

Proper Form: 

  • Keep your chest up and your core tight 
  • Make sure your knee is facing straight ahead and doesn't extend out over your toes
  • At the bottom of each lunge your front leg should form a 90-degree angle
  • Back knee should almost touch the ground at the bottom of the lunge 
  • Take big steps to ensure there is a good amount of distance between your legs during the lunge

Sumo Squats: This exercise differs from the traditional squat by changing the position of your feet and the distance between your legs.


  • 30

Proper Form: 

  • Stand with your feet wider than hip-width apart
  • Angle your toes out 
  • Sit back in your hips
  • Keep your chest up
  • Don't allow your knees to extend out over your toes

Fire Hydrant: This exercise fires the glutes and core muscles. It is also great for increasing hip mobility. 


  • 20 (10 Reps Right Leg, 10 Reps Left Leg)

Proper Form:

  • Keep your weight evenly distributed in your hands
  • Keep your core tight and your back flat
  • Only lift your leg as high as your body allows
  • Do not lean to one side when lifting your leg out

Jump Squats: This is a plyometric exercise that builds explosive power, while strengthening the muscles in the legs, hips and core. 


  • 20

Proper Form:

  • Keep your chest and head up 
  • After the jump, control your body on the way back down
  • Land softly on the balls of your feet
  • Bend your knees on the way down 
  • Make sure your knees don't extend out over your toes during the squat 

Side Lunges (Lateral Lunges): This exercise is great for building leg strength as well as improving balance and stability. The side lunge forces your body to work in a different range of motion, which is beneficial for hip mobility and flexibility. 


  • 30 (15 Reps Right Leg, 15 Reps Left Leg)

Proper Form:

  • Keep your chest and head up
  • Sit back in your hips
  • Keep your weight on your heels
  • Make sure your knee does not extend out over your toes
  • Both of your feet should stay facing forward throughout the movement
  • Take wide steps to ensure there is a good amount of distance between your legs

Burpees: This is a high-intensity plyometric exercise. It will build explosive power, strength, and endurance.


  • 15

Proper Form:

  • Maintain a good pace throughout the movements
  • Don't arch your back when coming back up from the push-up position
  • Keep your head up throughout the movement
  • Land softly on the balls of your feet when you come down from the vertical jump
  • If you are a beginner, make sure to correctly perform each separate movement with proper form. Once you have that down, then start putting those movements together to do the burpee in one fluid motion

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