Softball - Gain Strength and Power with Myosource Kinetic Bands / Resistance Bands

Softball - Gain Strength and Power with Myosource Kinetic Bands / Resistance Bands

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 14th Mar 2014

Myosource Kinetic Bands are great for in season and off season softball training helping build leg, hip and core strength along with speed, body control and cardio endurance. Softball players are able to work on their skills while utilizing the Kinetic Bands and maximize training and practice time. The Kinetic Bands fire the muscles in the quads, hamstrings, glutes, hips, hip flexor and lower abs. A great aspect of the softball video below is that the girls are getting a great cardio workout, while stretching, warming up, working on balance and form, as well as building strength throughout their legs, hips, and core. This kind of training meets the needs and demands of competitive softball. Develop muscle memory, increase your reaction time, build muscle, get a great cardio workout, develop better balance, increase your speed and overall performance through resistance bands training.

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In the video above, this softball team is working on their strength and power to get faster by training their legs, hips, thighs, glutes, and core with Myosource Kinetic Bands. By placing tension on the muscles through resistance the girls are able to intensify their workout activating their muscles, which will result in quicker and more explosive movements. The object is to get stronger, and quicker to make the ball go harder, sharper, and faster, increase speed running the bases, improve ability to get to the ball to make plays, develop quick lateral moves, increase confidence, and maximize your overall athletic performance on the softball field. Softball players all over the world are using the kinetic bands to improve their game.

High Knee Lunges: This exercise will work on balance while building the quadriceps and glutes muscles. The girls are feeling the tension in their muscles as they perform each exercise, which causes them to have to work against the resistance. The girls focus on form, technique, balance, and stability. When the bands are removed they feel lightweight and be able perform explosively while being able to control their movements. Notice that the girls are told to raise their front knee up so they get used to raising their quadriceps. This will fire those muscles that will be used ongoing during games and tournaments. Building the quadriceps is preparation for drive to increase speed.

  • Lift the right knee up and take a lunge step forward
  • Take the back knee down to a couple inches off the ground
  • Rotate or twist to the front leg side
  • Stand up gaining ground in the step and repeat on the opposite side
  • Make sure the front knee does not go out over the front foot
  • Perform this exercise across the infield then do the same exercise backwards – going backwards works for better balance and body control while continuing to fire those muscles – body control is needed for hitting, fielding, and running
  • Bird Feeder / RDL
  • Start on the base line with arms extended above the head
  • Lean forward with the upper body, using the core, while lifting the right leg straight back and up balancing on the front leg. Do you best to get your body in a parallel position – the goal is to eventually be able to go to the ground while standing on one foot – maintain good form and focus on balance
  • After placing the right foot back on the ground immediately lift the left leg and repeat on the opposite side
  • Make sure to keep your arms extended over your head throughout the exercises
  • Alternate sides across the infield of from designated baseline to finish line
  • Groin Slides:
  • Perform this exercise as shown in the video
  • Make sure that you do not collapse the knees and stay square
  • This is a great exercise for focusing on staying square when fielding the softball
  • You will feel it back in the hamstrings and in the glutes
  • Often during this exercise athletes tend to turn their feet in the direction they are moving. Pay attention to keeping the feet straight forward – not turning to the left or right
  • Do not cross the feet or bring the feet all the way together
  • This exercise will stretch out your groin and hip flexors.
  • Fast pitch softball continues to become more competitive with each season. Using resistance bands for stretching, warm ups, and training with Myosource Kinetic Bands will help you get stronger and increase your speed as well as increase muscle flexibility, elasticity, stability, balance, explosiveness, and power. In order for softball players to gain speed for base running and fielding the bands cause tension to be put on the muscles making them work intensely. When the bands are removed you will feel lightweight and explosive. 

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