Core Strength for Women

Women are often looking for ways to flatten their midline and build core strength but often times fail to take into account that replacing belly fat with muscle through abdominal workouts takes an extensive amount of commitment. The society we live in today makes it very difficult to perceive our own body image in a positive light, which in turn can have a negative impact on how we treat our bodies and care for our health. Typically, we look for a quick fix, but this will not give us the long-lasting, sustainable results we desire. In all actuality, there are usually two approaches that women commonly take when we do not feel comfortable in their own skin, we beat ourselves up or neglect the issue altogether. Neither approach is healthy or beneficial for personal growth both physically and mentally, yet escaping this toxic mindset reinforced by societal pressures is easier said than done.


Build Core Strength for the Look You Want

It is only when you choose to accept your body just as it is in the present moment that you can begin to nurture yourself and establish healthier habits for long-term transformation. For example, we can do countless sit-ups, yet become frustrated and feel defeated when we do not see any immediate results. The problem with this scenario is that too often we give up and again put our health and ourselves and on the backburner. Instead of feeling discouraged, women should seek to inform themselves on how to properly perform fitness exercises. If you truly seek results, it is crucial you learn to focus on what your body is and is not capable of doing and how you can execute movements correctly to target and challenge your muscles in the right way. For instance, there are many ways to develop a strong core other than sits ups, which often times are executed improperly to begin with. Therefore, finding the most effective workout to fire up the core and achieve long-term gains is crucial.

With all of this in mind, what if I told you that we offer multiple training aids to maximize your exercise routine and provide you with the very support you need to gain control over the way your body moves, looks and feels? That’s right, the Myosource Kinetic Bands provide you with this great opportunity of change as they can be added to any workout routine. The resistance bands will give you more versatility than ever before as they challenge every single movement made while aiding in the development of greater core strength so you can achieve the flat midline you wish to achieve. Through steady exercise and the incorporation of the resistance bands into your fitness regime, you will begin to replace fat with muscle and see real results in a reduced amount of time.

Fire Up Your Core Using Kinetic Bands

Personal Trainer, Shannon Denton, performing a fast core workout to help women build core strength

Firing up the core through resistance training will allow you to take control over your body image, and aid in the achievement of the long-lasting gains for the slimmer figure you are strive for. The Myosource Kinetic Bands provide many core strength benefits as they add tension through resistance to enhance abdominal workouts for maximum results. The resistance works to engage and increase strength, endurance and flexibility in the core stabilizer muscles and can be utilized by individuals of all fitness levels. From the non-athletic to the elite athlete, the resistances bands will help develop core muscles and in turn provide you with numerous health benefits.

Ladies, I cannot stress enough how important core strength is for optimal health. We are literally only as strong as our core. Case in point, the strength we possess in our core is what ultimately determines our posture and therefore how we move 

Myosource offers a wide variety of videos for women, showing quick and easy exercises that focus on the core as the muscles will be challenged to tighten and flex rapidly. These core muscle workouts allow women to work their abs, back, shoulders, obliques, and pectorals all at the same time for a healthier looking body you will feel good embracing. The abdominal and core workouts using Myosource Kinetic Bands in our videos and articles can be executed to strengthen and flatten the stomach, as well as tighten the glutes, hips, and thighs. The bands allow you to perform successful abdominal workouts and intensify the outcome without movement limitations or restrictions for faster results. Resistance training allows for full range of motion and provides significant functional benefits, enabling you to access a powerhouse core within yourself. Whether you desire results for greater acceptance of your physical appearance, improved health, or both, the Myosource Kinetic Bands will grant guaranteed in and day out. It is typical for women to experience core issues due to pregnancy, breast weight, and even wearing high heels for extended periods of time. All of these circumstances add pressure to certain areas in the body that cause the core to weaken further, and in turn cause pain and poor posture over time. The resistance bands work to fix these core issues by keeping the legs, hips, and midsection inline at all times, to give you proper form and technique while executing workouts. As you use the Myosource Kinetic Bands you will quickly and safely develop a powerful core, to aid in the stabilization of your spine and initiate realignment for improved posture. As your core becomes stronger, you will be more able to actively keep your weight centered and your shoulders and neck from slouching forward. This will create better balance, reducing both back pain and the risk of injury in the muscles, tendons and ligaments, preventing further body alignment issues. The resistance bands not only increase muscle development but also elevate the heart rate, allowing more calories and fat to be burned during each workout session. It is easy for women to confuse being skinny with being toned and firm. While dieting can help lose fat, it can also lead to loss of muscle due to the absence of exercise. When you maintain a proper diet and complete regular fat burning workouts, your abdominal muscles will respond.

Core Exercises Using The Myosource Kinetic Bands

The following abdominal exercises should be performed 2-3 times a week, along with other resistance cardio and fat burning exercises. Wear the resistance bands just above the knees as you perform the following exercises and be sure to tighten the entire body while performing these abdominal exercises for maximum results. Remember to be patient with yourself and the process of transformation.


A medicine ball is optional to add a little more weight to this core exercise.
Perform for 1 minute and do 3-4 sets, only allow yourself a 15 sec break between each set.
Focus: Make sure to maintain a straight spine while tightening the entire body throughout the exercise (If maintaining a straight spine starts becoming hard or uncomfortable, place the hands on the ground slightly behind and to the sides).

Sit in a V position; making sure the spine is straight.
Lift the feet off of the floor and bend the knees.
Bring the knees to the chest.
Put both hands under the knees.
After the knees come towards the chest, bring them back out to the straightened position.
The hands will go from under the knees to the side of the hips.
The legs will open as they are pushed out and then close when they are brought towards the chest.
If using the medicine ball to add the extra weight, pass it back and forth under the knees from side to side.
The medicine ball goes under the knees as they are brought towards the chest, then held on one side as the legs go back out.
Continue passing the medicine ball from one hand to the other under the knees as the exercise continues.
Make sure to maintain a straight spine while tightening the entire body throughout the exercise.


Lay flat on the stomach.
Raise the lower and upper body off of the ground.
Keep the entire body tight and hold the position. To make this exercise more difficult widen the legs and then bring them back together.

Single Leg Lift and Stall

Hold the Single Leg Lift position for one minute, still keeping the shoulders and head off of the ground, then lower the leg and switch sides. Make sure to rest for no more than 15 seconds in between (this keeps the stabilizing muscles activated to increase contraction and reaction quickness).
Focus: Remember the lower and upper body are both slightly elevated off of the floor at all times.

Lay flat on the back with the hands extended over the head.
Lift the head and shoulders off of the ground.
Bring the left hand forward and lift the right leg off of the ground.
Make sure to keep the leg and the arm straight as they come towards each other.
Remember the lower and upper body are both slightly elevated off of the floor at all times.

Single Leg Lift and Release

Perform 12-15 reps on the left side and then switch to the right side.
Focus: Remember the lower and upper body are both slightly elevated off of the floor at all times.

Lay flat on the back with the hands extended over the head.
Lift the head and shoulders off of the floor.
Bring the left hand forward while lifting the left leg up.
Make sure to keep the leg and the arm straight as they come towards each other.
After the leg is lifted, immediately lower it back down.

Arm Lifts and Leg Straddles

Perform 12-15 reps, rest for 15 seconds and then perform 12-15 more.

Sit in a position with the legs and feet together and the arms fastened together at the wrists.
Bring the elbows up by the ears with the arms still together.
As the arms are lowered to the chest line, separate the legs into a straddle position.
When the arms are raised up again the legs will come back together.
Get back into the Superman position, with the arms crossed in front of the lifted head.
Flex the toes so they are elevated and pointed towards the ground.
Lift both the upper and lower body off of the ground and then slowly lower them back down.
Make sure after lowering them you still do not touch the ground.

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