Core Strength Training

Train Core Muscles for Wrestling

In the video above you will notice that the wrestlers are using the Myosource Kinetic Bands for an intense core training. The bands do not restrict the wrestler’s movements or limit them in any way. Working the core muscles with the bands will help wrestlers take their strength, power, and speed to the mat so they are able to complete their takedowns, escapes, and reversals.

Wrestling is strenuous and demanding on the body. When a wrestler has a strong core, it makes them hard to turn over or be controlled. The goal is to be the controller not the controlled. There are so many times that a wrestler needs power from the bottom position and without a strong core it is extremely difficult to produce a takedown, reversal, or escape. The Myosource Kinetic Bands enable wrestlers to fire their core muscles during workouts so when they are on the mat their core is the strong and stable foundation that is used to transfer strength, power, and energy through the upper and lower body while maintaining balance and stability. The bands cause the muscles to contract quicker because they are working against the tension through the resistance. The Myosource Kinetic Bands are an easy and inexpensive resistance-training tool that wrestlers can use to build their entire core for power, strength and endurance.

The Core: Abs and More

What is the core? The core includes the lower back, oblique, and the abdominal muscles. It is the portion of the body that provides equilibrium and controls movements. This is where power is transferred to other parts of the body. When athletes are told they need to train their core, the first thing they think about is their abs. Many wrestlers spend time working on their abdominal muscles but they neglect the rest of their core area. Wrestlers must have a torso that is able to keep their spine, shoulders, and hips stable. With a balanced and stable core, the lower body and upper body is able to produce controlled movements to overpower an opponent. The kinetic bands target groups of muscles throughout the body, enabling wrestlers to transfer their core strength up through the upper body and down through the lower body while providing balance and stability.

Reducing Core Injury

Wrestlers spend much time extending and flexing, while twisting and rotating through the spine, torso, and hips. If a wrestler’s core is weak then their technique and positioning will suffer, which could easily result in back strain or a pulled muscle. Myosource will add the tension needed through resistance to activate those muscles to reduce the strain that is put on the spine, back, and torso. The Myosource Kinetic Bands will enable wrestlers to build a strong, powerful, stable, and balanced base in order to produce lower and upper body movements that are explosive, quick, and powerful throughout a match. The bands allow wrestlers to work their abs and lower back together, training the muscles to react at the same time so that none of the muscles are isolated and inactive. When wrestlers have a strong core the body will produce effective moves, maintain balance and control, absorb the shock for reducing the risk of injury, and produce greater power throughout the arms, shoulders, hips, and legs.

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