Glute Bands for Women Bundle (Set of 11)

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Glute Bands for Women Bundle (Set of 11)

Our glute bands bundle brings 2 great hip band products together for results driven women looking to tone and firm their booty (glutes), hips, and legs. This convenient resistant bands set provides 11 different resistance levels with 2 different workout experiences. Great for at home fitness workouts, CrossFit, Strength Training, Body Sculpting, Flexibility, and Stretching.

Non-Slip Exercise Resistance Bands for Legs & Butt (Set of 4)

Activate and strengthen legs, hips and glutes. This band set in mesh carry bag provides 4 resistance levels, suitable for anyone from beginner to advanced abilities. These fabric resistance bands are designed for comfort and feature an inside color-coded strip of rubber that will grip clothing or skin to avoid repeat adjustment during your workout. Made of a soft and durable gray fabric to hide the dirt and reduce the chance of rolling up during a workout.

Mint Green: Smallest Loop (12.5 inches) = Highest Resistance
Light Blue: Medium Loop (15 inches) = High Resistance
Royal Blue: Large Loop (16 inches) = Medium Resistance
Purple: X-Large Loop (17.5 inches) = Light Resistance

Includes access to view or download the Booty Bandz Starter Guide with 6 exercises to get you started.

Kinetic Resistance Mini Loop Bands (Set of 7)

Our elastic mini loop bands for exercise are high quality, heavy duty elastic bands that offer 7 color-coded resistance training levels from light to extreme for all your workout or strength training needs.

Elastic loop bands are also great for physical therapy and the rehabilitation of knee, back, hip and other lower body injuries and can be used in many upper body exercises to target shoulders, arms, chest, back and obliques. Each band measures approximately 10 inches long and 2 inches wide and is clearly marked with the appropriate training level.

Level 1 (06-12 pounds) - Yellow
Level 2 (10-15 pounds) - Red
Level 3 (13-24 pounds) - Green
Level 4 (18-30 pounds) - Blue
Level 5 (25-38 pounds) - Purple
Level 6 (35-42 pounds) - Grey
Level 7 (40-50 pounds) - Black

A compact carry bag stores all 7 bands and easily fits into a gym bag or purse. Workout guide coming soon!

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