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Soccer Passing

Passing the ball is what keeps a soccer game exciting and moving. It is one of the most successful ways teams can get the ball to teammates, move the ball up and down the field, and score goals. Soccer passes require constant movement, pace, accuracy, and technique. A soccer player must know how to properly position the body to be in the right spot for an accurate pass and must keep the hip flexors open to be able to pass at any angle or in any direction.

Type of Soccer Passes

There are a number of passes soccer players can use to get the ball to its intended location. These include inside passes, outside passes, heel passes, swerve passes, and cross passes.

  • Inside Soccer Pass: when the inside of a player's foot is used to pass the ball to a teammate positioned on the inside.
  • Outside Soccer Pass: when the outside of a player's foot is used to pass the ball to a teammate positioned on the outside.
  • Heel Soccer Pass: when the heel of a player's foot is used to pass the ball backwards to a teammate positioned behind.
  • Swerve Soccer Pass: used to pass the ball with a spin to either the inside or outside of a player.
  • Cross Soccer Pass: relies on a player's power and accuracy to get the ball in the air and to the targeted teammate.

Soccer Passing Tips

  • Make sure the player intended to receive the pass is not marked by an opposing player. Passing to a teammate that is not open could result in losing possession of the ball.
  • Look around and make sure there is not an opposing player in the path of the pass and the receiving player.
  • Make sure the appropriate part of the foot, depending on what pass is being used, makes contact with the soccer ball.
  • Lock the ankle when passing the soccer ball.
  • The passing player must immediately get right back into the soccer game after passing to a teammate. Do not just stand there and watch what happens.

Warming up, stretching, and practicing in the Myosource Kinetic Bands is a benefit to any soccer player in order to become a faster, stronger, and more powerful passer. The Myosource Kinetic Bands provide soccer players an opportunity to practice passing just as they would in a game. The bands build the fast twitch muscles soccer players need for speed, quick muscle contractions, and quick muscle reactions for passing.

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