Tumble Pro X (Ankle Straps)

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Includes two adjustable ankle straps that clip together to help cheerleaders and gymnasts keep their feet and ankles together while they practice standing back tucks and standing back handsprings.

What is a Defrogger and How Can It Help Me?

Let’s face it…flipping through the air with control isn’t as simple as it looks. So, here’s a high five or ten from us to you for having the courage and guts it takes to tumble in the first place. If you’ve found yourself here, you’ve probably already discovered falling flat on your face is not fun and tumbling with bad form is like taking the magic away from the magician. To avoid injuries, embarrassment and frustration, you have to mentally and physically train to tumble successfully.

Fortunately for cheerleaders and gymnasts, like yourself, we created the TumblePro X, which is basically a muscle memory building and defrogging tool to help promote proper tumbling form. These comfortable and easily adjustable ankle straps can be worn by any avid tumbler (regardless of age, size, gender, or skill level) while practicing standing back handsprings and standing back tucks. Why? Because wearing these bad boys will keep your ankles and feet together so that the presentation of your tumbling can reach perfection. Ultimately, if you want to tumble like a pro with precision and grace, the TumblePro X is for you!

What’s included?

  • comfortable/easily adjustable ankle straps

We guarantee results or your money back!

Now available in 2 colors (Blue or Pink)!

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