All-Star Dance Kit

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5 great training products to help dancers master an all-star performance.

Dance is a highly demanding sport. Every dancer’s goal is to make each leap, turn, and move look effortless. To achieve those goals, you must be prepared to work for it and understand that it will be difficult. Putting in hours of practice and exercise will result in success. Our All-Star Dance Kit provides you with the necessary tools to become the dancer you dream of being.


• Flexibility
• Stamina
• Strength
• Balance
• Body Control
• Leaps
• Turns

What’s Included?

• Kinetic Dance Turning Board
• Kinetic Stretch Band for Dance Cheer & Gymnastics Flexibility
• Kinetic Bands® (2 comfortable/easily adjustable leg straps, 2 sets of resistance bands, and a breathable mesh travel bag)
• Flexibility Strap (choose red or black)
• Body Conditioning for Dancers DVD

What is the Kinetic Dance Turning Board?

The Kinetic Dance Turning Board is a turning aid designed for dancers to practice their turns on almost any surface. From beginners to seasoned dancers, this is the turning tool for you!

• Plenty of surface area to help control balance and find your center
• Improves posture
• Builds core strength
• Exercises spotting
*(Not for use on rough surfaces such as concrete, pavers, and other non-smooth surfaces)

What is the Kinetic Stretch Band for Dance Cheer & Gymnastics Flexibility?

Kinetic Stretch Band for Dance Cheer & Gymnastics Flexibility is a versatile stretch band that can help increase flexibility for dancers. This easy to use stretch band is a strong seamless red latex rubber loop that provides hands-free stretching when needed. All dancers regardless of skill level can benefit from hands-free stretching and increased flexibility.

• Improve lower body strength and flexibility
• Stretch in various dance positions while your upper body remains free to practice arm and hand movements for each skill.
• Improve muscle memory by targeting muscles with small and concise movements against the resistance

What are Kinetic Bands® for Dancers?

Dancers require a high fitness level to perform. Kinetic Bands® are a great training tool for dance because they provide resistance and allow for full range of motion so dancers can get stronger and increase cardio without changing their normal workout routine.
Using Myosource Kinetic Bands® while you practice your dance moves will help:

• Strengthen your legs, hips, and core muscles
• Improve endurance
• Increase flexibility
• Improve balance and body control
• Help reduce the risk of injury

What is the Flexibility Strap?

This lightweight and easily portable strap has a loop at each end; wrap one loop around your foot and use the other to pull toward you for flexibility or stretching. To go along with the theme of this kit, it is available in 2 colors (red or black).

• Increase flexibility
• Improve stretching
• Perfect skills without putting stress on joints

What is the Body Conditioning for Dancer’s DVD?

This dance training DVD features conditioning exercises for dancers who want to take their dance training to the next level. These effective conditioning exercises provide maximum benefits for dancers when used with Dance Kinetic Bands®.

Harnessing the power of resistance training helps dancers improve:

• Balance
• Body control
• Leg and core strength
• Jump height
• Increase flexibility

Join Valerie Bongiorno, creative director and owner of RISE Dance Studios in New York as she takes you through a complete body-conditioning workout that includes:

• Introduction
• Strength Exercises
• Core Exercises
• Center Floor Exercises
• Across The Floor

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