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This Dance Combo Includes: a set of Myosource Kinetic Bands for strengthening legs, hips, hip flexors, and core muscles plus a free Flexibility Stunt Strap, a great stretching and warm up tool for dancers (choose from 7 colors)

Our Dance Fitness Training Combo includes two great Myosource products to help dancers improve their fitness level and flexibility. Each Dance Fitness Training Combo includes a set of Myosource Kinetic Bands to help dancers strengthen leg, hip, and core muscles while they train and a free Flexibility Strap (MSRP $9.95) to help dancers stretch out safely anytime, anyplace. You also gain free access to watch or download our Body Conditioning for Dancers video. Add the Body Conditioning for Dancers DVD to your order now for only $9.95! (MSRP $24.95)

Dancers require a high fitness level to perform. Kinetic Bands are a great training tools for dance because they provide resistance and allow for full range of motion so dancers can get stronger and increase cardio without changing their normal workout routine.

Kinetic Bands® for Dancers

Using Myosource Kinetic Bands while you practice your dance moves will help strengthen your legs, hips, and core muscles, increasing muscular strength and improving endurance, flexibility and balance as well as reducing the risk of injury.


Each set of resistance bands contains 1 long band (placed in front) and 1 short band (placed in back). The shorter back band helps fire the hamstrings and glutes at a more equal level with the quadriceps. This set includes 4 sets of resistance bands:

Red (Beginner)
Orange (Intermediate)
Green (Advanced)
Blue (Power)


The bands in this package are shorter than our standard set and come with 1 longer band (attach to the front D-rings on both leg straps) and 1 shorter band (attach to the back D-rings on both leg straps). This set includes 4 sets of resistance bands:

Grey (Beginner)
Light Green (Intermediate)
Light Blue (Advanced)
Yellow (Power)

Flexibility Strap for Dancers

Our Flexibility Stretching Strap is great for helping dancers stretch out easily without putting any stress on joints. Flexibility Straps are available in 7 colors: Light Blue, Pink, Red, Black, Purple, Silver and Royal Blue.

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    We love them !!!

    Posted by Prescott Dance Wear on 26th Jun 2019

    We love them. We had one of the best feedback ever from a local Cheer group !!! Love the new look of the bags and 2 additional sets of bands.

  • 5
    Great Product!!

    Posted by Michelle on 29th Oct 2018

    This product has helped my daughter in strengthening and stretching. There is a noticeable difference in her leaps, toe jumps, and tumbling. Every kid at the studio who are using these, you can see a difference in!!

  • 5

    Posted by Shannin on 21st Sep 2015

    I love them

  • 5
    Kinetic Bands for Dance

    Posted by Michelle Brooke on 10th Sep 2015

    Great Product. The resistance promotes major benefits for jumping, flexibility, and strength.

    B.O.D. Fitness

  • 5
    Kinetic Bands

    Posted by Hailey on 6th Sep 2015

    OMG I love them ! I can't believe how they have made my leaps so much better !!!

  • 5

    Posted by Laura Keddie on 10th Jun 2014

    How To Improve Fitness and Flexibility

    Regardless of how you view dance, art or sport, there is no denying that dancers need good leg, hip, and core strength to perform well. Resistance training with Myosource Kinetic Bands is a great way for dancers to strengthen these areas and improve overall fitness while they train. The unique design of Kinetic Bands allows for full range of motion so there is no need for a dancer to change their normal workout routine. Kinetic Bands fit just above the knees so dancers can perform dance moves like kicks, leaps, and jumps and strengthen their legs, hips, hip flexors, glutes, quads, and abs at the same time.

  • 5
    Great For Dancers

    Posted by Mindy on 5th Jun 2014

    I purchased this dance combo for my daughter. Her training has improved so much and in a very short period of time. Thank you for the great service and a great product.

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    Kinetic Bands for Dancers

    Posted by Mandy Pruett Borgelt on 10th Oct 2013

    "I work with dance students of all ages and ability levels. Since I've started implementing Kinetic bands into my training, I've realized what an incredible asset they are in helping my students achieve MORE, FASTER. They are stronger physically and technically, and not just with jumps and leaps. They are very helpful in working pirouettes and fouettes, too! I cannot give enough praise to the way Kinetic Bands have helped all my dancers. Since I've seen the results first-hand, I've recommended them to every dance teacher, coach, and studio owner I know. GET THEM- you will NOT be disappointed."

    Mandy Pruett Borgelt

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