​ARE YOU GETTING YOUR STEPS IN? 10000 steps per day Fitness Workout

​ARE YOU GETTING YOUR STEPS IN? 10000 steps per day Fitness Workout

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 2nd May 2014

It is not uncommon to go to the store or to the mall and drive around the parking lot several times until a close parking space becomes available or just to look for a parking spot close to the door. There are a lot of people that spend most of their day sitting behind a desk working at their computer rarely getting up unless it is to go to the bathroom or to lunch. People fail to realize that adding basic walking steps to their routine is a great way to increase circulation and improve overall health. Moving makes a lot more improvements to overall health than being stationery all day. On average, it has been estimated that most people need at least 10000 steps per day for a healthy lifestyle. Depending on body type, weight, height, age, etc. this number will vary. Why is this important? Your health depends on it.

There are simple ways to increase daily steps that most people do not even think about to try and reach the goal of 10000 steps per day. Begin by counting your steps for a day or a few days without consciously adding steps to find out the steps taken in a normal day. Many people are surprised how far they are from getting 10000 steps in. Wearing a pedometer to track the exact amount of steps each day is an easy and accurate counting tool. So many people complain about being too busy to exercise, but adding steps is a way to improve health without a lot of lifestyle change. When a person is able to visualize the increase in steps per day by keeping track of their steps then they begin to feel motivated and empowered to continue adding steps each day to reach 10000 steps and more. A lot of people go to the doctor and hear the doctor tell them that they need to be more active. These is why on any early morning a person can go to the mall and see a large number of seniors walking through the mall. They are keeping active while working on blood circulation, lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, regulating blood sugars, manage their weight, and improve their morale.   Adding steps to a person’s day does not have to be difficult and time consuming. There are many things people can do that should become a routine to work towards getting in10000 steps per day.

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator – whether going up or down it still adds steps
  • Park at the back of the parking lot instead of as close to the door as possible
  • Take the children, a friend, spouse or dog for a walk in the morning and/or evening -Many people walk during their lunch hour as well
  • If your mailbox is not on your porch – walk to the mailbox instead of stopping at the mailbox in your car on the way home
  • Mow, weed eat, rake, or work in the garden. These are extra steps that people generally do not think about
  • Walk to the printer, copier, fax machine, etc.

Myosource Ultimate Kinetic Bands / resistance bands training is a great way to add resistance to daily steps. They are an easy, convenient, and inexpensive way to develop muscle strength by simply taking steps. Myosource Ultimate Kinetic Bands do not have any restrictions or movement limitations because a strap is put around each leg and the bands are clipped on to each strap. The lower bands are hands free and can be worn at anytime. Simply put on the resistance bands and go about your business. Many people are using them while doing housework, working in the garden, or while at their desk at work. This is a fantastic solution for those of you who saying you don’t have time to exercise. Let the Myosource Ultimate Kinetic Bands / resistance bands training work while you’re busy in your daily routine. The great thing about these kinetic / resistance bands is that a person is able to walk, run, workout, do housework, do yard work, stretch, practice, or do skill specific drills. Whatever a person enjoys doing or would like to try in order to exercise and take adequate steps per day these resistance bands will speed up results. This isn’t about mountain climbing, marathon running, or body building. This is a daily lifestyle tool for staying active and decreasing possible health issues. Many people are lowering their blood pressure and blood glucose levels by the easy task of adding steps to their daily routine.Invest in a pedometer – they are an inexpensive way to track daily steps for your 10000 steps without even thinking about it 

  • Invest in a set of lower body Myosource Ultimate Kinetic Bands / resistance bands training–Myosource Ultimate Kinetic Bands / resistance bands trainings are inexpensive and easy to use resistance training that a person can use during any type of movement as well as working towards 10000 steps
  • Calculate normal daily steps – calculating daily steps allows a person to actually see their normal day step number in order to become motivated to increase that number – results motivate

Begin to add steps in a variety of ways - there are a variety of simple ways to add steps throughout the day that do not take up a lot of extra time

It is no secret that people who are not active generally lack physical endurance and often feel sluggish and tired. The benefits of increasing daily steps are simple, inexpensive and produce results as well as satisfaction. It is not difficult to stand up and start putting one foot in front of the other but it has to become a routine and a person must choose to do so. Parents these days are finding themselves too tired to enjoy playing with their children when they get home from work and have a tendency to wake up tired after sleeping. It is worth the small amount of effort in order to live a healthier and more enjoyable quality of life. Begin today and make a positive impact on the way you feel, the waistline, and strive to prevent any unnecessary health issues. After a while a person will begin to notice that they have fewer aches and pains and their bones and joints feel better. When a person gets up and gets moving they feel less stressed and energized. A great quality of life is worth taking steps. Everyone in your life will be glad you did, especially you. It is as simple as putting one foot in front of the other and taking steps as a daily routine.

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