Build Muscle Through Muscle Memory - Fitness Workout with Myosource Kinetic Bands / Resistance Bands

Build Muscle Through Muscle Memory - Fitness Workout with Myosource Kinetic Bands / Resistance Bands

Posted by Myosource on 11th Jun 2011

Exercising with resistant bands is a great way to build muscle through muscle memory. Muscle memory means that you train your muscles to perform a certain action, in a certain way, that they remember over time. Muscle memory is key for sports training, as it allows you to get stronger and improve your game.

How Muscle Memory Works

Have you ever performed pool exercises where you run in place in the pool? The resistance makes it very challenging, and work your muscles harder. However, when you get out of the pool and go for a run outside, it's much easier! Your body is performing the same action, yet in a different physical location. And while your mind knows you're in a different spot, your muscles have been trained to perform at a higher resistance. You'll feel stronger and run faster after your pool resistance training thanks to muscle memory.

The same concept goes for baseball players who are improving their swing. They'll practice swinging with a weight on the end of their bat. When they go up to the plate to hit, they don't take that weight with them. However, swinging with the extra resistance before they're up to bat helps them build strength so that they can swing faster and harder with a bat that feels much lighter.

Muscle Memory
Muscle Memory

Resistant Bands Training Build Muscle Memory

Resistant bands use the same concept as running in the pool, or adding weight to the end of a bat. The bands strap around your arms and legs and add extra resistance to your movements. When you workout with resistance bands, your muscles will be trained to perform at a harder level. Upon removing the bands, your muscles will still be trained to operate with the same strength as when the bands are strapped on.

Baseball players swing harder and rotate faster, cheerleaders kick higher, soccer players can run faster and kick harder, and boxers can move quicker and punch harder with resistance training. Resistant bands are the perfect, yet affordable way to get in training that builds muscle and increases muscle memory.

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