Dance and Ballet fun with Dancer Jillian using a Myosource ITurn Turning Board

Dance and Ballet fun with Dancer Jillian using a Myosource ITurn Turning Board

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 23rd May 2017

In this video dancer Jillian is having some fun working on her turns using a Myosource Iturn Turning Board.

Myosource Iturn Turning Board Engages all the core muscles for proper alignment during a turn

√ Helps with spotting and balance

√ Helps keep you balanced and in position during turns

√ Lightweight and easily portable

√ Turning boards are great for supplemental training

In order for a good dancer to become a great dancer it is important to perfect their turning skills.  Myosource Iturn Turning Board helps dancers work on balance, stability and core strength.   The board is great for beginners all the way to professional dancers.  Myosource Iturn Turning Board will challenge the core muscles and allows dancers to perform multiple turns to accomplish more in each workout.  Each user will quickly recognize the things they need to work on as an individual to perfect turns and moves .It is very important for dancers to have high functioning core strength and power in order to maintain great posture and balance.  The Iturn Board forces dancers to tighten their core and causes the dancer to remain straight and fix any little turn flaws.

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