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Speed Training and Running Mechanics - Soft Sand Workout Using Kinetic Bands®

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Daymond Patterson, trainer and owner of Raw Power Sports demonstrates proper running mechanics with the Myosource Kinetic Bands®. The speed bands force the athlete to work against the resistance. Running in sand is quite different than running on a hard surface. Sand is an uneven surface which causes your muscles to work harder than they would on even ground, such as a track. Since the sand is unstable it forces the foot, ankle, and knee to adjust immediately upon contact. Running in soft sand helps to prevent injuries to the lower body because it enables the user to land softly.  

The second exercise in this video is plyometric training, involving jumping from an unstable to stable surface. The initial jump forces the athlete to focus on body control as they begin their jump. Upon landing, the lower body must react quickly to the impact, and transfer energy from the sand.

Sand training is great for sport-specific speed & agility training and conditioning. Performing sport-specific training in sand is shown to help prevent injury. Training in soft sand is more difficult than training on grass or in a gym. It results in an increase of work load. Many athletes are training in soft sand with leg resistance bands to improve explosive movements and to increase speed and endurance. The sand shifts under the feet while the Kinetic Bands are activating the muscles, helping athletes work on stability and balance while decreasing their risk of injury. If you do not have an ocean side beach available, then a track and field pit or sand volleyball court will work just the same. 

It is important to start with a dynamic warm-up before training. Listed below are a few examples of exercises:

- Squats

- Walking Lunges

- Open the Gate / Close the Gate

- Toy Soilders

- Lateral Shuffle

- Body Dips or Push-Ups 

There is a variety of speed and agility exercises that provide greater benefit when performed in the sand. These include shuttle runs, ladder drills, and sprints. Get a set of Myosource Kinetic Bands and start your intense speed & agility training today!  

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