Increase Explosive Power for Track - Plyometric Hurdle Drill with Kinetic Bands®

Increase Explosive Power for Track - Plyometric Hurdle Drill with Kinetic Bands®

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 20th Oct 2017

This plyometric hurdle drill with Myosource Kinetic Bands® (leg resistance bands) is a great speed and vertical drill for track athletes who are looking to increase vertical jump height, speed, endurance, and power. Adding speed bands to sports training is a great way to increase results during normal workout routines. The added resistance challenges every rep by forcing the user to work harder as they power through the resistance. The key is the functional way the Kinetic Bands work by allowing the user to move freely in all directions to perform most any drill or exercise. Get your bands today and start working to achieve greater results in less time.

For athletes striving to take their skills to the next level plyometric leg workouts are essential because they are designed to help athletes perform powerful and explosive movements. This drill enhances the stimulation of the muscles in the legs, hips, and core. Notice how the Kinetic Bands enhance proper form for jumping and landing in this drill. If an athlete fails to maintain proper form, they may not make it over the hurdle. 

During this Plyometric Hurdle Drill, each athlete will be jumping vertically over the hurdles. Often athletes will perform this drill over 3-5 hurdles and then sprint to a finish line. She has to drive her knees up using her upper body and core for a quick explosive jump. Notice how this athlete lands each jump with stability and control. She uses proper arm movements to help increase her momentum over the hurdle. Make sure to extend the hips and drive the knees in a smooth and quick motion.

Do not forget that this type of drill is designed for increasing speed, jump height, and muscle activation. The quicker the muscles activate the quicker the athlete will be on the track, field or court. Landing softly and with control will help prevent injury and allow the athlete to immediately accelerate into their next phase. Repetition – Repetition – Repetition – train those muscles the way you want them to perform.

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