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Speed & Agility Work / Quick feet Acceleration Training with Myosource Acceleration Speed Cord / resistance bands

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Quick feet!! Lets get to it!

Athletes will need quick feet to gain that competitive edge. Whether you are football player, soccer player, baseball player, basketball player or athlete in any other sport quick foot speed that is controlled and in balance will get the coaches and competition to take notice. Quick feet and great acceleration are essential when trying to build up the speed to overcome your opponent, dribble past a defender and get to the goal. This training video is a great way to work on improving lateral, forward and backward quick feet speed all while maintaining balance, coordination and control.

Notice in the video above that this athlete is performing great lateral, forward and backward quick feet movements. She is utilizing a great took to add resistance to each movement. Myosource Acceleration Speed Cord is not limited her movements but is causing her muscles to work against the resistance.

Many athletes also use Myosource Kinetic Bands to these types of drills to add additional resistance. Myosource Kinetic Bands attach right above the knees so they do not limit or restrict an athlete from performing any drill. Go to the Training Section on Myosource.com for additional training tools.

This drill focuses on quickstep movements with controlled feet. Watch how she emphasizes each movement without losing control of her upper body, torso or legs. If she loses her balance her quick feet will not matter. Watch how she moves forward, sideways and backwards through the cones. She is driving those legs using her arms and core all at the same time for one quick motion. She is able to increase her muscle activation in her legs, hips, glutes and core as well as her upper body to increase her speed. She is determined to increase the quick muscle activation in the legs, hips, core and glutes. This is a great drill to increase running speed and overall quick feet/ quick foot speed. 

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