Tennis Speed & Agility Resistance Training Using Myosource Acceleration Speed Cord

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 20th Aug 2018

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Quick feet and great lateral movements are essential for any tennis player to be successful. Tennis requires an athlete to move forward, backward and laterally consistently. If you play the game then you know all about the quick moving body positioning that requires stability and body control. It may be running to the net or sideways and back for forehand or backhand shot. The goal of this video is for each player to improve their skills by targeting the muscles in the lower body and core for more strength and quickness as they move all over the court.

The Myosource Acceleration Speed Cord is an awesome tool for tennis players to utilize by adding resistance to all of their movements. The 360 degree belt rotation goes with you as you move in all directions. 

In this video this tennis player is using the Acceleration Speed Cord to perform all his tennis moves around the court. He is moving laterally, shuffling his feet, setting and performing a variety of shots all while maintaining body control and great form. The rotation of the hips needs to be  consistent so work those hips and hip flexors to make them strong. This great training aid adds resistance while allowing the tennis player to follow through on each hit for a great shot.

The resistance will make you feel lightweight and perform with explosive power gliding all over the court. 

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