Agility | Why is it Important and Drills to Improve Your Agility

Agility | Why is it Important and Drills to Improve Your Agility

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 12th Jul 2019

What is Agility?

Agility or dexterity is the ability to move quickly and gracefully. You can be agile both in physical and mental state. Agility in thinking means you can quickly think and understand situations. In the physical aspect, agility is the ability to change your position, speed, coordination, and your body's direction quickly and efficiently in response to a stimulus.


Benefits of Agility

While agility can be applied in most of your daily activities, it's one of the most important aspects in sports training. In sports, it's vital to develop or enhance your agility so that you'll reach your maximum potential and succeed in your goals. 

Agility helps improve speed, power, and coordination. Keep in mind that staying balanced is impossible if your mind is not in tune. Agility in mind and body should always be in sync. 


Importance of Agility Training

Regardless of your sport, agility training is a part of every athlete's agenda. Agility training has many benefits for your physical well-being plus, it is also fun. This training helps improve your balance and coordination, speed, leg strength, and total body control. And because you need to keep your focus while improving your physical strength, developing agility also helps build the connection between your mind and body so you can concentrate and calculate your next move efficiently. 


Training Exercises to Improve or Develop Agility

Whatever sport you're into, these agility training exercises can help you improve your performance. Integrate these drills into your training routine and you'll surely attain the maximum performance needed for you to be able to reap the rewards of agility training. 


1. Ladder Drills

Ladder drills help improve your lower body strength while also improving your footwork. Athletes perform ladder drills to prepare themselves for a game or meet. As mentioned, you'll be using an speed ladder that you can set up anywhere and start your training immediately. This type of training is perfect anywhere, even at home, because of the ladder's light weight and portability. 

You can also incorporate resistance bands for legs while doing ladder drills to boost your performance and strengthen your hip flexors, legs, glutes, and core. 


2. Quick Feet Acceleration Training

This type of training enhances your speed and agility no matter what sport you are training for. These drills are perfect for increasing your acceleration or quick feet speed, be it in track and field, basketball, football, soccer, and so on.

For this type of training, you'll need training cones to help you work on your foot speed, change of direction, and agility, while maintaining balance and coordination. You can also add extra resistance with the use of an speed cord to achieve the optimal effect in your speed and agility training. 


3. Plyometric Exercises

Plyometrics is jump training and basically the same as the hopping and jumping activities you did when you where a kid. These exercises build explosive power, body control, and balance. 

You can use suspension straps while doing plyometric exercises, resistance bands, or a Acceleration Speed Cord. You can do a series of exercises like squat jumps, tuck jumps, agility hurdles, or box jumps. We suggest to exercise caution when doing these drills so as to not cause injuries if done incorrectly. 


Final Note

There are various training drills that you can do to help improve your agility and speed at the same time. Agility training can be challenging especially if you don't know where and how to start. It's still best to train with a coach or trainer so that you will be guided with a training program to maximize your training. 

If you need guidance or assistance, don't hesitate to drop us a chat or message so that you will have the proper help when choosing the right equipment to use. 

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