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Dance Body Conditioning for Flexibility Balance and Body Control with Resistance Bands / Myosource Kinetic Bands

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This video demonstrates some great conditioning exercises for dancers of who want to take their dance training to the next level.  These effective conditioning exercises provide maximum benefits for dancers when used with Myosource Dance Kinetic Bands.  Myosource Kinetic Bands harness the power of resistance training to help dancers improve their balance, body control, and leg and core strength, jump height and increase flexibility.

Flexibility, balance and body control are essential for dance.A dancer  lacking flexibility will have issues and not be able to perform at their highest level.  Myosource Kinetic Bands leave dancers, gymnasts and cheerleaders hands-free to perform a variety of stretching, flexibility, balance and body control drills and exercises as well as build explosive jump strength and power.   Whether you are a beginner or a professional dancer the  Bands will help you increase flexibility.   Notice in this video how these dancers are able to perform all their movements without restrictions or limitations and the bands leave the upper body free to perform dance movements.  The bands are easy to put on, use and are highly effective in helping increase strength in the legs, hips, thighs and core.  These dancers are using functional resistance so that their muscles have to work against the resistance to target all the muscles.

Dancers, Gymnasts and Cheerleaders have to be flexible and extremely strong to perform the highly skilled moves and jumps.  These girls are performing stretches and muscle strength moves which get their muscles ready to perform intense moves.  They are also working on injury prevention when they develop flexible and strong bodies.    These ladies have to perform moves, stunts and jumps that require a high level of strength and flexibility.  It just makes sense to use Myosource Kinetic Bands to strengthen the muscles and joints.  The bands make it easy for each user to work at their own skill level and for their own sport specific movements.

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Dance and Ballet fun with Dancer Jillian using a Myosource ITurn Turning Board

In this video dancer Jillian is having some fun working on her turns using a Myosource Iturn Turning Board.Myosource Iturn Turning Board Engages all the core muscles for proper alignment during a turn√ Helps with spotting and balance√ Helps keep you balanced and in position during turns√ Lightweight and easily portable√ Turning boards are great for supplemental trainingIn [...]

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Body Conditioning for Dance with Myosource Kinetic Bands / Resistance Bands - Flexibility

Improve your flexibility with resistance.  Myosource Kinetic Bands are a great piece of training equipment for Dancers to train like normal and add resistance to any movement in any direction.Why should dancers work to increase their flexibility?  Flexibility through stretching prepares the muscles for the tension and strain put on them.  Dancers endure great muscle strain in their intense [...]

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Dance Training With Resistance Bands / Kinetic Bands From Myosource

Whether you are a ballet dancer, modern, classical or jazz dancer you will definitely need a high level of strength and flexibility.  Dance stretches to increase flexibility are great to help all dancers avoid injury and perform at their highest level.  This dance video shows how training with Myosource Kinetic bands / leg resistance bands can increase a dancers [...]

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Dance and Ballet Drills for Flexibility Using Resistance

All dancers need to perform flexibility exercises.  We always have dancers ask questions about how often to perform stretching exercises, how to keep their hips square, how to increase flexibility, what are the best stretches to become more flexible and many more.  Flexibility is a key factor in body alignment, form and performance and many dancers suffer from injuries [...]

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Dancer - Increase Flexibility in the Hips and Inner Thighs - Body Conditioning for Dancers

The video above is of Dancer Jade (#dancer.jade) using Myosource Kinetic Bands at the beach working on flexibility, balance, strength, and endurance all while doing something she loves!!  A dancer must master the execution of jumps, leaps and turns by conditioning the body for peak dance performance.  Body conditioning for dancers is a necessity.  It is no secret [...]

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​Body Conditioning Fitness Workout for Dance Using Myosource Kinetic Bands

This video is a short Trailer of the full DVD version available at:  http://myosource.com/dance/Now more than ever dancers need to be both artists and athletes. As dancers we need to condition our bodies to prepare them for the complex movements and tricks that exist in today’s dance world. Unlike resistance bands in the past Myosource Kinetic Bands attach [...]

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Dance Dance Dance – Increase Flexibility, strength, balance and endurance with Myosource Kinetic Bands

Save 15% on your Myosource Dance Kinetic Bands - use coupon code BLOT15Dance TuesdayDance continues to grow around the world and is becoming more competitive all the time. It is important for dancers to work on their technique, form, balance and athleticism as they train. Myosource Dance Kinetic Bands are the perfect addition to any [...]

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Post Stretching Exercises and Cool Down for Dance with Myosource Flexibility Stunt Strap

Save 15% on your Myosource Purchase - Use Promo Code BLOG15In this video we are going through our post stretch workout routine with a High School dance team. It is important to thoroughly perform stretching exerciseswor and perform cool down exercises at the end of each dance, cheerleading, or gymnastics workout routine.Notice that the dance team is [...]

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Improve Your Dance Skills using Myosource Kinetic Bands

The video below is of a high school dance team using Myosource Kinetic Bands. The girls are working to build their leg, glutes, and hip strength as well as increase their flexibility, balance, and body control.Save 15% on your entire Myosource order by using promo code BLOG15 First perform dance jumps, dance leaps, dance kicks, and dance turns as [...]

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