Trainer of the Month | Neo Lynch

Trainer of the Month | Neo Lynch

Posted by Neo Lynch on 4th Nov 2019

Meet Neo! 

I am from Midlothian, VA. Currently I am a Dance Teacher and Conditioning Coach and Certified Trainer. I am a dance instructor at Premiere Dance Studios in Powhatan, VA and Dance Academy of Loudoun in Leesburg, VA. Dance is my passion, I've been in it for 30 years and I have had to work really hard to accomplish my dreams in it. I want to help others accomplish theirs with better information and the right tools. 




If I don't enjoy it, I don't do it!

I train, teach and operate to change lives... but I believe it needs to be fun! I believe my purpose is to help others using my gifts and talents, and as long as I operate within my purpose, I will be successful in helping people reach their goals. I want my clients to enjoy the process of reaching their goals so creating exciting and enjoyable workouts can be challenging. As a dance educator, choreographer and personal trainer my client base has a wide variant of specific needs and goals. I love that Myosource products allow me to target each individual's strength and conditioning needs with minimal equipment. Whether I'm doing conditioning for dancers, recovery training for senior citizens or clients with injuries, strength training for the de-conditioned or sport specific agility training for the stellar athlete, each product can be used in countless ways to fit each spectrum. Myosource makes it easy for me to pursue my passion and live in my purpose and never get bored!




I just have felt like I don't have the time to add on anything I'm not passionate about. But now I am starting to look at it as being able to share what I'm passionate about to reach more people. It all goes back to my purpose, "to positively impact the masses using my gifts, talents and passion."

There are so many women obsessing over getting their waistlines smaller, then also trying to show off crazy workouts or new challenges on social media.,, Why not kill two birds with one stone. Nobody else is. It beats buying and walking around with a bag full of different equipment, bands, belts, weights, etc.




1. Kinetic Bands

I am OBSESSED with the Myosource Kinetic Bands! They are my go-to tool to train my dancers and personal training clients! They are perfect for all levels, shapes, sizes and abilities! With the Kinetic Bands I can train glutes, quads, core, hamstrings, and all accessory muscles. They provide a no slip workout, which translates into less time wasted on adjusting equipment and more time training!

My fitness director refuses to take the Kinetic Bands off! I had to peel the fabric resistance bands off of her! lol 



2. KineticRT® Precision Trainer

Dancers, do you hear "open your arms from your back!"

Confused at what that means?

Try the Precision Trainer during ballet class or any class to FEEL a difference in your port de bras. Start training your Port De Bras for easier pirouettes, clean lines, increased back strength, and graceful performances! There are over 600 muscles in the human body, you don't have time to think about all of them so use the Precision Trainer to help create NEW neuropathways (muscle memory) so you can focus on what you LOVE!

The Precision Trainer is ideal to use for dancers to work on strengthening their port de bras. Across all genres of dance upper body placement is important to create clean lines and graceful movements. 

Dancers know that port de bras (the carriage of the arms) starts from your back, but they have difficulties identifying the back muscles they need to engage. The resistance of the Precision Trainer forces you to feel the muscles being worked, allows you to engage them faster and properly which also allows you to focus on the many other fine muscles that need attention and contribute to executing a graceful exercise with proper technique. Port de bras are usually the hardest skill to master amongst dancers. 


3. Kinetic Resistance Mini Loop Bands

Resistance and Strength Training are crucial to muscle development, fat burning and accessory muscle development.  When traditional weights aren't available, or when working with younger clients, I have found that the Mini Loop Bands are an excellent replacement for dumbbells and weights. They allow users to target the same muscles, using the same movements and range of motion, while allowing the user to determine their own resistance! I love them for bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, and tricep extensions! The printed levels on each band allow you to easily increase your resistance, making for an easy way to track a progressive workout. 



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