Get Motivated and Stay Motivated to lose weight - Fitness Workout

Get Motivated and Stay Motivated to lose weight - Fitness Workout

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 16th Jun 2014

The scenario seems to be a routine. “I’ve got to lose weight or I need to lose weight so I’m starting on Monday”. Monday comes and the diet begins and by Tuesday a person feels like a failure and has lost motivation because they have eaten something they feel like they should not have and so the binging begins. Part of the problem is that people go about losing weight the wrong way. They feel like depriving them self is the key to losing weight when in reality it ends up making them lose motivation and the belief that they have the ability to lose weight. This is why there are so many motivational articles written. People do not know how to stay motivated to lose weight once they get motivated to lose weight.  Eating healthy food and developing great workout routines will help us all feel better.  

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Motivation is key to working out and eating healthy food. Many people do not know the real reason they want to lose weight or never set goals that they can accomplish so their motivation lacks. Often losing weight and developing a workout routine for a healthy mind and healthy body is something a person just talks about because they lack the motivation and mind-set to not just talk about it, but do something about it. So if you are a person who seems to be on the vicious cycle of trying to eat healthy and attempting to develop and stay committed to a great workout routine on a regular basis, but lack motivation, and find yourself in the rut of messing up and quitting then it is time to get motivated and find the inner drive to reach the goals set by increasing ambition, drive, and will power.  We know that Myosource Ultimate Kinetic Bands are fun and great tool to use for developing great workout routines.  The following people went on our 60 day Myosource Ultimate Kinetic Bands and eating healthy food challenge.  

Weight Loss Motivation - ways to lose weight

  • Figure out why you want to lose weight and ways to lose weight – in order to get weight loss motivation you must determine your reason – is it so that your health will improve or to wear that bikini – both are great reasons to feel better and look better
  • Start with simple life style changes that allows for quick accomplishments for weight loss motivation. This can be as simple as cutting out soda, or drinking less soda. The reason to start with small changes is because they create quick success and build motivation. The sooner a small goal is reached the more eager a person becomes to complete the next task. Another example would be to cut down portion size. Cutting down portion size can bring quick results without torturing yourself.
  • Create specific goals that can be measured for weight loss motivation. This could be as easy as losing 5 pounds in 2 months or 10 pounds in 3 months. Set goals give a person something to review and mark off when reached. A person feels good about them self when they reach a goal.
  • Find healthy food you like in order to eat healthy for weight loss motivation. Many people think eating healthy tastes bad, but there are great ways to eat a healthy food to develop a nutritional diet.
  • Begin or maintain and scheduled workout routines. People find it much easier to stay motivated to work out when they find a fun upbeat routine that is put into their schedule. Find motivation exercises you enjoy.
  • Monitor weight loss and measure once a week or every other week. Many people get frustrated because they get on the scale everyday and the scale doesn’t show accurate progress.
  • Find people to spend time with that are motivating and encouraging. Workout with likeminded people who have goals and desires to be healthy and fit.
  • Lifestyle Changes:

    Everyone has a lifestyle, but what matters is the type of lifestyle if a person desires to lose weight and live healthy. A life style of fast food and lying on the couch is not likely to accomplish 4weight loss goals. A great workout will get the heart rate up and burn fat. Utilizing resistance bands is a great way to experience a fun and upbeat fat burning workout that a person can do from their own living room. Losing weight is not something that happens over night. We have all seen it before. The first thing a person thinks about when trying to lose weight is that they must deprive them self of something they love to eat. Healthy food choice changes are necessary but so many people beat themselves up if they mess up and “cheat”. The motivation to lose weight begins to fade. It does not have to. There are great ways to maintain motivation to lose weight by preparing great foods that taste great and are enjoyable. Eating healthy and exercise does not have to be something a person dreads, but a lifestyle that can be enjoyed and build motivation. Easy lifestyle changes include broiling, grilling, and baking instead of frying. Another great way to save calories and eat healthy is to steam and sauté. Simple things like cutting out soda, eating smaller portions, eating 5 small meals per day, parking at the back of the grocery store parking lot, and taking the stairs are motivation builders. Cooking healthy and living healthy does not have to be as difficult as people make it out to be. It just has to be a household choice.

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