​Great Martial Arts Fitness Workout for Strength with Myosource Kinetic Bands / Resistance Bands

​Great Martial Arts Fitness Workout for Strength with Myosource Kinetic Bands / Resistance Bands

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 15th May 2014

Martial arts often requires grueling drill work and sparring. From striking to kicking, strengthening the wrists, shoulder and hip joints is a must. In addition, improving hand and foot speed is of tremendous importance. By supplementing traditional workouts and practice strategies with resistance band training, you can isolate muscle groups, add variety and hopefully gain a competitive edge when you face your opponent. All of these resistance band exercises should be done with resistance bands.


Perform upright rows until fatigued:

  • Make sure you are standing with legs a little more than shoulder-width apart
  • Ensure your back is straight
  • Put your hands together and start the row at your waist
  • Pull towards your chin ensuring your elbows flair out

Rear Raise:

  • Stand straight, legs shoulder width apart
  • Keeping the arms locked, pull the arms backwards toward the ceiling
  • Hold for a one-count and then slowly return them to your side
  • The arms should stay shoulder-width apart during the entire exercise
  • Repeat until fatigued. Remember, control is key!
  • Don't rush through these exercises or you diminish the overall effect

Bent-Over Lateral Raise :-

  • Bend over at the waist 90 degrees, ensuring you have a flat back
  • Your eyes and chin should be up
  • Your arms will start at your side
  • With locked arms raise your arms laterally from your side until your hands are parallel to your hips
  • Do as many as you can until muscle failure

Lateral Raise:

  • Standing straight, legs slightly more than shoulder-width part
  • Start with one arm resting at your side
  • Raise your locked arm 90 degrees so it is parallel with your shoulder
  • Slowly return your arm to your side
  • You'll want to do this until you feel fatigued and do the exercise one arm at a time
  • Maintain a slow, smooth, controlled motion

Straight Punch or Jab: Build Your Speed and Speed Endurance

  • Punch with correct form as you use the resistance band to provide tension
  • Try not to lock out the elbows as you punch to avoid undue stress on your joint
  • Do these at full speed for as many repetitions as you can until muscle failure
  • This will improve your speeds endurance and give you the ability to remain fast longer into your matches.

Straight Punch Combinations - Myosource Kinetic Bands are great because you don't need a training partner. Our bands fasten to straps that fit snugly just above the knees. Adjust the band to the tension you desire and throw punches in multiple combinations.


Straight-Leg Raises: If you have traditionally weak hips or want to ensure you have endurance through a long match, want to add straight-leg raises to your routine. Combined with resistance band training, the exercise is very targeted and effective.

  • Lie on your side and raise your leg upward 45 degrees keeping your leg straight
  • Return your leg to its starting position
  • Try to keep your ankle and foot at a 90-degree angle. Remember, slower is better. Do 15-20 reps.

Walking Lunges:

  • With a straight back do 4-6 lunges in one direction
  • Then turn around and do 4-6 lunges in the other direction
  • You will have a tendency to lean forward as you get more tired -Fight this tendency and maintain a straight, upright back the entire time
  • Go deep in the lunge but ensure your knee does not track out over your toes. If it does, you are going too far in your lunge and causing undue stress on your joints

Incorporating resistance band exercises  / kinetic band training into your martial arts workouts can give you added variety and the ability to target the areas you want to strengthen. In addition, it can add endurance so you fatigue less quickly and last longer in matches. Use resistance bands training and get on your way to win martial arts competitions.   

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