Healthy Food is Power!  Is This for Real?

Healthy Food is Power! Is This for Real?

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 19th Apr 2014

People are looking for great ways to boost their energy levels and burn fat to lose weight to wear those summer clothes - bikinis, shorts, and tank tops.


Why is eating Breakfast Important? Breakfast is essential for starting the day out right. The body and mind need healthy food power to get going and stay stimulated. So many people feel that skipping breakfast is a way to cut calories and lose weight, but in reality skipping breakfast denies the body the nutrition that it needs to stay strong and be powerful. The tendency seems to be to grab a donut and a cup of coffee or skip breakfast all together. Skipping breakfast is neither healthy nor beneficial. A person will pay for it down the road. Healthy Food Nutrition includes breakfast because a healthy food breakfast provides energy and the brain and body count on it in order to function properly and not bottom out around mid-morning. Eating a nutritional breakfast of foods that give the body the nutrients and vitamins if necessary for aiding in the prevention of LDL which is the “bad” cholesterol level. People do not realize that when they skip breakfast they are actually more hungry throughout the day and tend to eat more so they are really hindering them self instead of helping. One of the benefits of eating a healthy breakfast is eating less throughout the day and weighing less in the long run. Studies have also found that those who do not eat a healthy food nutritional breakfast are more susceptible to insulin issues and diabetes.


People get really confused when someone tells them they should eat healthy food after a workout. They feel like eating food after a workout will lose the impact of their workout. The body uses the time after a workout for building back up the muscles and the body needs food for rebuilding in order to continue enduring the impacts that the muscles endure battling through the day. This is not to say that a person should have a great workout and then go eat a cheeseburger and French fries. The key is eating a healthy and nutritionally balanced small meal or snack to benefit the muscles for rehabilitation after a workout. Protein is a great choice because protein strengthens muscles and helps them rebuild after a workout. Just like a car needs gasoline to function the body needs healthy food for rebuilding and getting stronger in a combination with beneficial workouts. There are many great healthy food and nutritional food choices for after a workout. Eat food like raw vegetables, steamed vegetables, chicken, fish, and other lean meats. Add Myosource Ultimate Kinetic Bands to your workout to place tension on the muscles. This will cut your workout to less time because the bands add resistance to each movement making the muscles contract and react.


A great workout program is a great way for the body to gain strength, power, and endurance. The problem often tends to be that people do not realize that the body wants energy to burn and the energy to burn during a workout comes from healthy food and nutritional food. There is a time frame before working out that eating a small meal of protein and complex carbs provide the energy necessary for reaping the benefits from working out. Eating healthy food about one hour to two hours before a workout will greatly supplement the body for muscle gain and burning fat. The time frame is important because many people develop a stomach ache if eating right before exercising. Stick to small amounts of foods like fresh fruit, turkey, eggs, and whole grains for the most benefit. No two people are exactly the same so figuring out which healthy nutritional foods work best for each individual is important.

The best way to eat healthy and combine food and a great workout routine to develop a healthy body and mind is to eat 5-6 meals per day. Spreading out healthy food eating throughout the entire day keeps the body satisfied and fueled up. Energy and Stamina are essential because people are busy. Saving some of those daily calories for a mid morning snack, mid afternoon snack, or bedtime snack with smaller breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals will provide the energy when it is needed. This is also a great way to feel full throughout the day instead of just three times a day. Eating smaller amounts of healthy food more times during the day takes away those longings to pig out. Do not forget to drink a lot of water. Hydration is an essential part of health and drinking water before and after workouts provide the hydration for the body to sweat. Many people drink a low calorie sports beverage to maintain the electrolytes they need. The body needs a sufficient amount of water for getting rid of body wastes.

Healthy living is a combination of eating a healthy food / nutritional diet with the right foods, right amounts, and at the right times combined with an adequate workout program as well as a sufficient amount of drinking water. Nutritional Healthy Food consumption is a way to power up with food.

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