High Intensity Fitness Workout Using Resistance Bands - Kinetic Bands®

High Intensity Fitness Workout Using Resistance Bands - Kinetic Bands®

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 20th Aug 2017

Check out this informative video by Metafit Mom (IG: @metakovacec) performing an intense and motivating fitness workout. The Myosource Kinetic Bands® are a great functional resistance tool to add to any workout routine.  The bands attach right above the knees and transfer the resistance so the muscles are activated faster, smoother and more effectively to give each user an advanced level of results during their normal exercise routine. This training allows the user to move in all directions and perform most any exercise, drill, or workout.

The goal of using Kinetic Bands during a fitness routine is to maximize and optimize the results to make each workout effective. Our resistance bands allow each user to use their own level of resistance and increase resistance when ready. Resistance training helps increase strength and endurance and allows the user to feel the burn as their muscles are activated and forced to work through the resistance to build strength and stamina.  

Metafit Mom performs fitness workouts that force her muscles to react to the resistance and push through to develop muscle power and strength. During this workout she is toning the legs, butt, and core as well as improving her balance and form.

We offer two different sets of Kinetic Bands®:

Over 110: This set is for users who are equal to or more than 110 pounds. It includes red and green resistance bands. To help with injury prevention start out by stretching with the red bands and then moving into full range of motion with the green bands. This will allow the muscles to start reacting to the resistance as you stretch and warm up so they are ready for full range of motion. 

Under 110: This set is for youth athletes who weigh less than 110 lbs. It includes yellow and red resistance bands. The yellow bands are for beginners and the red bands are for more advanced youth athletes. 

Take your fitness workout to a higher level and maximize your results with the Kinetic Bands!

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