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Help Reduce Joint Stress | Cardio Fitness Pool Workout with Kinetic Bands®

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Change it Up: Any type of exercise is beneficial to stay in shape and live a heathy lifestyle, but performing the same fitness workouts over and over can be monotonous. Changing up your workout helps by challenging the muscles that are often neglected from the repetitive or "basic" exercises you might be used to. Why not take your workout to the water? Cardio exercises performed in the water often lead people to believe they are not reaping the full benefits; in reality the water adds resistance to each movement, challenging the muscles to fire even more. Adding the Myosource Kinetic Bands® along with water resistance is the ultimate game changer. The added resistance from the bands force each muscle to contract more in order to offset the external force. Using functional resistance in the pool is great for a variety of cardio exercises. The benefits are endless, including muscle recovery and joint stress relief.  

Cardio workouts in water are great for improving muscle strength, power, stamina and endurance. Adding the Kinetic Bands only increases your gains; the best part? It's simple! The leg straps attach right above the knees and do not limit movement. This allows each user to perform a variety of workouts while in the water. If you think water resistance is beneficial, just wait until you add the bands to your workout! 

Benefits of Water Resistance Fitness Workouts with the Kinetic Bands:

1. Reduce stress on joints, bones, and muscles due to the buoyancy of water and option of flotation devices for those who can’t exercise comfortably on land.

2. Minimizes the risk of injury because water provides resistance in multiple directions, which helps build balance and muscle strength.

3. Achieve muscle tone more quickly through the ability to work two opposing muscle groups with each rep by the resistance provided from the water during both the lengthening and shortening of the muscle.

4. Add extra resistance to each movement with the Kinetic Bands. The resistance will activate the muscles and cause them to work against the resistance. 

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