Resistance Bands Chest Workout | Space Saver Gym Wall Anchor

Resistance Bands Chest Workout | Space Saver Gym Wall Anchor

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 10th May 2019

If you are looking for a great piece of home workout equipment for resistance bands, the Space Saver Gym is a very efficient training tool that does exactly what it says. 

I installed this unit in a spare bedroom that allows me easy access to get in a quick resistance bands workout without leaving the comfort of my home. The two rails are each three feet long with a total of 16 locking positions (8 each per rail) that allows the rail car to move up and down to provide various angles to perform a variety of exercises. 

For this workout, I wanted to focus on a simple chest press. I moved the rail car to 5 different locking positions during this superset. Using a variety of high and low locking positions allowed me to work the full chest area targeting the upper, middle, and lower chest. Being able to slide the rail quickly allowed for quick transition during the superset for a great burn as well as incorporating shoulder/arm strength and flexibility. 

Installation took about 15 minutes and takes up very little space on the wall. The exercise options are endless when using the Space Saver Gym

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