Space Saver Gym - Home Fitness Workout with KineticRT® Upper Body Bands

Space Saver Gym - Home Fitness Workout with KineticRT® Upper Body Bands

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 15th Nov 2017

The Space Saver Gym is a great tool for anyone who wants to workout in their home or office. This unique wall anchor system takes up minimal space and is easy to install. Bri says, "Ever since I started using the Space Saver Gym, my home fitness workout has gone beyond what I ever thought was possible." This unique piece of workout equipment will benefit anyone who is looking to workout in the comfort of their home without the needed space that a home gym typically requires. 

Everyone who has used the Space Saver Gym has fallen in love with it and resistance training. The video above shows how little space is needed and how easily the rail car moves up and down to enable each user to perform a variety of fitness exercises. Another great aspect is that more rail cars can be purchased to extend the possibilities even further.

Our Space Saver Gym paired with the KineticRT® Upper Body will help you reach your fitness goals. Each set of KineticRT Upper Body bands comes with 4 levels of resistance bands (listed below), 2 comfortable wrist straps, 2 ankle straps, and a door anchor. This powerful kit allows you to workout from home or on-the-go. 

Yellow - (Light)

Green - (Beginner)

Red - (Intermediate)

Blue - (Advanced)

Black (Elite) *Not included with standard kit

Each user is able to choose their own level of resistance or use multiple levels at once. Resistance training allows you to tone and build strength in the chest, shoulders, arms, and back with less stress on the joints. Our resistance bands allow each user to use as much or as little resistance as they choose. Start saving space and time with your own Space Saver Gym kit!

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