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​Cheer Tumbling Training Tool To Keep Legs Together | TumblePro X

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TumblePro X is an amazing tool to help train cheerleaders and Gymnasts to squeeze their legs / feet together during standing tumbling and stunts. This training tool allows the athlete to maintain proper position of the legs while performing skills training and technique training. The TumblePro X can be adjusted to fit any size athlete for optimum comfort and fit allowing them to train like they want to perform.

Cheerleaders and Gymnasts will be able to practice their back tucks and standing back handsprings while wearing TumblePro X. TumblePro X attaches to the ankles and is designed to keep the ankles / knees / legs together during standing tumbling. This is great for developing great muscle memory.

Niressa Arwood, trainer from Ace Tribe All Stars: The TumblePro X is an amazing tool to help train your athlete to squeeze their legs together in the back handspring. It allows the athlete to feel the proper position for the legs while performing the skill. I have found it to be very effective in training the legs to stay together in stunt as well. They are fast and simple to put on and take off.

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Train to Perform Higher Cheer Jumps / Better Cheer Stunts - Use Myosource Kinetic Bands

Use coupon code BLOG15 to save 15% on your purchaseWhat is the difference between a good product and a great product?  It is definitely THE RESULTS!  Watch the reaction from the cheerleader in the video above.  Her reaction says it all when it comes to her success using Myosource Kinetic Bands to improve her Toe Touch,  cheer jumps and [...]

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Cheer Jumps Using Myosource Cheer Kinetic Bands

Save 15% on your Myosource Purchase - Use Coupon Code BLOG15Does this list found familiar? Increase HeightMore arm swingKeep those toes pointedKeep your chest upKeep those legs straight More flexibility Land with your feet togetherIf you are like most cheerleaders you will be motivated to increase your cheer jumps to get the attention of coaches, trainers, the competition and [...]

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Cheerleading - Toe Touch Tips for Cheerleaders

Many times it is just a few easy suggestions that can help a cheerleader improve their “Toe Touch”. It is important that cheerleaders keep working on technique and form to improve flexibility, and leg and hip strength in order to gain jump height for cheerleading. The competition in cheerleading continues to get better so it is more important than [...]

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Cheer - Stonger Legs for Higher Jumps and Kicks

The next portion of our new cheerleader training series featuring Cheer Kinetic Bands focuses on building stronger legs for higher cheerleading jumps and kicks. This strength training is for the benefit of developing higher jumps, safer stunts, higher kicks, and safer landings. In the following video Ashley is performing leg raises while wearing Myosource Kinetic Bands - Cheer [...]

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Perfect Your Cheer Toe Touch – Increase Your Jumping Ability By Training with Resistance Bands / Ultimate Kinetic Bands

Save 15% on your entire Myosource order by using promo code BLOG15 Are you looking to get higher, faster, safer, and better looking cheer jumps? The next video in our Myosource Cheer Training focuses on Toe Touch Jump Ability. The kinetic bands help build leg, hip and core strength, which are essential for higher jumps, better form and safer [...]

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How to get a better Cheerleading Hurdler

Do you want to perform eye catching cheerleading hurdler jumps? If so, you have come to the right place.In this segment of our Cheer Jump School, coach McQueen works with Ashley on her cheerleading hurdler jumps. One of the key components is to work on resisted and non-resisted sets with Myosource Kinetic Bands / Cheer Bands to [...]

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Cheer Herkie - Increase Your Jump Height with Myosource Kinetic Bands

Save 15% on your entire Myosource order by using promo code BLOG15 The video above is of Ashley using Myosource Kinetic Bands to work on improving the height of her cheerleading Herkie jump. The goal of cheerleaders it to increase the height of all their cheer jumps and Myosource Kinetic Bands are a great tool to help achieve [...]

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Cheerleading Video – Stonger Legs for Higher Jumps and Kicks

 Myosource has a series of cheerleading videos to help cheerleaders utilize Myosource Kinetic Bands / Cheer Jump Bands to improve their strength, power, flexibility, stability, balance, endurance, form, and explosiveness. Cheerleading gets more competitive every year and cheerleaders are looking for ways to improve their jumps and overall cheerleading skills. Cheerleaders do so much more [...]

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Cheer Stretching Video with the Myosource Flexibility Stunt Strap

This is a great video of stretching exercises for cheerleaders. The Myosource Stunt strap is an easy and effective way to help your stretching routine. Our Cheer Pack includes a set of lower body kinetic bands and a “FREE” stunt strap to make stretching easier. We suggest stretching for all Cheerleaders before practice or competition [...]

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