4 Stretching & Workout Mistakes Cheerleaders Make

4 Stretching & Workout Mistakes Cheerleaders Make

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 5th Sep 2019

Being a cheerleader, flexibility is very important. You need to be flexible in order to elevate your jumps and stunts in preparation for your next competition. If you're not flexible, your skills will be very limited and won't live up to the high standards that your team expects. 

To increase the level of difficulty, incorporate the Cheer Kinetic Bands to your stretching routine. These resistance bands will be a great addition to your warm-up and overall workout to help build strength while also increasing flexibility. Our package also includes a training DVD and workout guides. 


Here are some common stretching mistakes many cheerleaders make and how they can be prevented so you can stay on top of your game. 


1. Not Starting With a Warm-Up

During every workout or practice, it's highly important you begin with a warm-up. Athletes know this, however, not everyone does it ALL the time. Instead they end up getting ahead of themselves and wanting to jump right into the workout or practice and most of the time they are feeling the pain after. 

What should you do? Stretch before your intensive workouts or practices. Stretching paired with a short dynamic warm-up such as jumping jacks or walking lunges, will do wonders for you! This will wake up your muscles and gradually prep them for an intense workout. 


2. Wearing the Wrong Attire

This is also very important since what you wear can affect your movements. There is proper exercise attire or practice wear that definitely does not include loose shirts or jeans.

What should you do? Wear something comfortable that won't get in the way of exercises or specific skills. Just like any other workouts. Just like any other type of exercise, you should wear something that is stretchy but fits properly and will go along with your movements. Opt for a racerback tank top and spandex or soffe shorts. 


3. Not Stretching the Proper Muscle Groups

There are specific muscle groups that need to be properly stretched to avoid injury during jumps and stunts. The most common overlooked area to proper stretch for any cheerleader is the groin. Stretching the groin is VITAL for most stunts and jumps. But there are times that a cheerleader doesn't know how to properly stretch these muscles. 

What should you do? Focus on stretches such as a lying groin stretch using the stunt strap as demonstrated in the picture below. Don't forget about the hamstrings, quads, hips, and glutes but MAKE SURE to put a lot of focus on the hamstrings before attempting jumps or stunts. 


4. Not Listening To Your Body

Because you have a goal, you are also very focused on your fitness workout even if you're already feeling sore, thinking that it's just normal. 

What should you do? First things first, you should listen to your body. Don't force your muscles to stretch or you'll end up injured. Your body has limitations and it will tell you when it is time to slow down to stop.

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