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Softball Pitching Fitness Workout with the Power House Pitcher resistance-training tool

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Softball pitchers need explosive power and leg drive.  The Power House Pitcher training tool allows softball pitchers to add resistance to each movement while performing pitcher specific training. Resistance-training enhances a pitchers stride length and acceleration towards the plate.  Notice in this video how this tool intensifies leg drive in each stride.

A pitcher's stride is very important in order to pitch with power and explosiveness.  This is a great way for softball pitchers to work on velocity, accuracy, balance  and body positioning.  The goal is to produce power in each stride to reach full strength capacity in each pitch.  The Power House Pitcher forces pitchers to work against the resistance and pushes the athlete to explode forward. In this video the resistance cord is attached to an object behind the pitcher so she is able to move forward extending her arms and legs.  She is training to mimic the moves she will make during live pitching.  This is activating more muscles to enhance her ability to react and move quicker.

During these drills it is important to work on technique, form, balance and stability.  Her arm movement is vital so that she does not use only her shoulder and cause injury.  Her footwork is also essential so her toes point towards the plate and not in a different direction.  A softball pitcher also must work on the balls of her feet to produce more power and maximize results to drive the ball to the plate.  The resistance will cause her to work harder to maximize force.  Notice how this pitcher is using her legs and core to accelerate towards the plate.  Her stride length is vital to maintain control and pull through the resistance.  In the first part of her take off she is using explosive leg  drive along with with her upper body core to follow through for a powerful pitch.  This will also help increase her endurance and muscle activation longevity to perform at peek level for more innings.

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