Volleyball Strength and Conditioning with Myosource Ultimate Kinetic Bands - Feel the Tension

Volleyball Strength and Conditioning with Myosource Ultimate Kinetic Bands - Feel the Tension

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 31st Jul 2014

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The volleyball strength and conditioning video above is a great example of strength training drills that all volleyball players should perform. The volleyball player in this video is using Myosource Kinetic Bands to add tension to each muscle movement. These exercises are great for lower body strength, upper body strength and cardio endurance. In order for a volleyball player to perform explosive jumps, intense lateral speed and great body control it is essential to develop the proper technique and form during strength and conditioning that will result in increased performance.

A volleyball strength training program using Myosource Ultimate Kinetic Bands is a great way for volleyball players to build incredible power and strength in their lower body and core. The bands allow volleyball players to perform all of their volleyball specific movement for practicing and strength training just like they want to perform on the volleyball court. The bands do not limit or restrict any movement volleyball players will perform during strength training. It is as simple as putting Myosource Ultimate Kinetic Bands on and performing your normal volleyball strength training and volleyball specific drills.

The Myosource Ultimate Kinetic Bands apply resistance to each movement firing the muscles in the legs, hips and core with each volleyball exercise and drill. Strength and conditioning is an essential part of Volleyball training for volleyball players to develop stronger legs, hips, quads, hamstrings ,glutes, and hip flexors. The Myosource Ultimate Kinetic Bands target all these muscles groups for strength and conditioning as well as developing increased speed, power, quickness, explosion and cardio endurance.

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