Women's Fitness Workout for Power with Resistance Bands | Myosource Kinetic Bands®

Women's Fitness Workout for Power with Resistance Bands | Myosource Kinetic Bands®

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 7th May 2017

For Women who lift, Myosource Kinetic Bands fire the glutes and help stabilize the hips during lifting to help get the most out of every rep, every set. Leg resistance bands provide functional resistance that allows the user to move freely in any direction, start and stop and get moving again. 

Notice in this video how the Kinetic Bands® are activating the muscles so that the user is getting the full benefit out of each movement. The bands work when you work causing the muscles to contract and react to work against the resistance. Strength training workouts are great for those who want to increase strength and build endurance.

Using resistance bands targets multiple muscle groups to intensify strength training workouts. The bands intensely activate the muscles for greater results in each strength training workout. Our unique booty bands are fantastic for women because they allow you to target all the muscles to build the legs, butt, and core. Notice how the glutes, hips, and core muscles fire with the bands. Make sure to push through the burn to intensify strength-training workouts to tone the muscles through the body.

So whether you are a body builder or are looking to tone the body by increasing power or whether you are wanting to improve sport performance, great strength training workouts with Kinetic Bands will target all the muscles in the lower body and core to maximize each move and to maximize results.

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