​Twenty Minutes To Change to a Healthy Lifestyle - A Simple Fitness Workout - Use Myosource Ultimate Kinetic Bands

​Twenty Minutes To Change to a Healthy Lifestyle - A Simple Fitness Workout - Use Myosource Ultimate Kinetic Bands

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 28th Nov 2013

TV junky or not, new research proves the old adage is true. Something is better than nothing. A Simple Full Body Workout does more than you might think.

Researchers in Stockholm discovered that the DNA of muscles was altered even after 20 minutes of exercise. Genes within muscles, deep at the cellular level were turned on due to exercise. This in-turn increased cellular activity which helps the body burn calories and increase oxygen consumption. While you will always be stuck with the genes you were born with, an exercise full workout routine activates certain genes to maximize the effectiveness of the activity.

So you do not have to workout hours a day in the gym to allow your body to benefit from exercise. Even 20 minutes will unleash basic cellular activity ways to get in a full body workout that you can do in 20 minutes.

Power-walk the Mall or Walk the Dog while wearing Myosource Ultiamte Kinetic Bands

Who cares if the weather is cold, hot, windy or rainy? Inside the comfort of the local shopping mall, it's always nice. Have to return something or pick something up? Add an additional 20 minutes to your trip and walk around the mall at a quick pace. You can window shop and exercise at the same time. Better yet, meet up with some friends and get some conversation going. You will be sweating, laughing and window-shopping all at the same time. Remember - just stay away from the food court when you're done.

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Full-Body Workout Routine

Believe it or not, doing strength training in 20 minutes is not only possible but also provides a great workout. If you have limited time over your lunch break or during naptime for the kiddos, a quick strength-training workout is perfect and will not take up too much of your time. It combines squats, jogging in place, and lower/upper body strength training. Myosource Ultimate Kinetic Bands will add tension to each movement by causing all the muscles to react and contract in each movement. You will quickly be able to maximize the time you do have and have the potential to workout harder with the kinetic bands / resistance bands.

Put on Myosource Ultimate Body Kinetic Bands

Hit the Pedals

You do not have to be Lance Armstrong or training for the Tour de France in order to benefit from a short ride. You don't even need a thousand dollar bicycle. A simple, road-worthy, multi-speed bicycle will allow you to take advantage of your 20-minute workout jaunt. For maximum benefit since time is short, make sure to keep a relatively good pace. This is no time for a scenic trip. Elevating your heart rate and keeping it elevated during a majority of your ride will provide decent cardiovascular rewards.

As research as shown, even a 20-minute workout is enough to supercharge your DNA, wake up some cells and benefit your body. While a long-term, significant full body workout routine is key to attaining any substantial health and wellness goals; something is better than nothing. Twenty minutes, over the course of many sessions, could help change your life.

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