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Myoflex is the ultimate kinetic bands total body workout system that anyone can use. It is convenient for people on the go to use at home, at the gym, in a hotel, anywhere and anytime. For those looking for a simple ultimate kinetic bands tool that can be used from the beginner to the professional then Myoflex is the answer. Athletes , teams, doctors, physiotheraphists, the young, the old, and the in between are using Myoflex for their ultimate kinetic bands total body workout. The levels of resistance in the Myoflex ultimate kinetic bands total body workout system provide a simple way for each individual to progress to their highest potential.

Coach McQueen has been training athletes for over 25 years and Myosource Kinetic Bands have been in active use since 2006. The Myoflex ultimate kinetic bands total body workout system was designed to combine three great products to provide everyone with an exceptional full body workout tool.  You will feel and see the results with this full body workout system in a short time.  

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Parent Testimonial:

Got to tell how great your items are. Bought the system for my daughter for fastpitch awhile ago and have had the total body (MyoFlex Total Body Workout) for about a month. Her catching coach can't believe how stonger and faster she has gotten in the last month and asked me yesterday what she has been doing. I showed him your website. Thanks for the great products.

User Testimonial:

I play competitive Senior Slow Pitch Softball and recently had a knee replacement. I started using the unit to help strengthen my legs and work on flexibility. I now workout with them and use them to warm up and get ready for games. My legs feel much better and my flexibility has greatly improved.   Steve Krull

Coach Testimonial

I want you to know that we have been using the bands every day as well as the stretch straps, and the stability trainers every other day. The girls are pumped because they can definitely see the difference in their jumping and conditioning. They have been working really hard and it's been one of the best starts of a season that we have had in years. 

Coach Erin Desantis
Girls High School Basketball Coach

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