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Burn More Calories

Burning More Calories with KB Upper Body Workout Bands

The Myosource KB Upper Body Workout Bands (formerly known as KB Powerbands) are a great tool for any level of exercise and workout routine. Personal trainer Shannon Denton will show you some great weight loss exercises that focus on burning more calories. The bands provide the tension (resistance) needed to get maximum results so she can spend less time in the gym without sacrificing results. In the video, Shannon is using the Myosource KB Upper Body Workout Bands which provide four levels of resistance. Shannon is using the easiest resistance band (yellow) first in order to perform a higher number of reps. She will perform 20 with the first level and then increase her resistance to the next level of band (green). Take note that Shannon starts off slow to get her form down with each exercise and then increases her speed. The idea is to continue increasing speed in order to get the heart rate up and burn more calories.

Resistance Workouts For Weight Loss

Adding resistance to any workout can help you burn more calories to expedite weight loss. The following step-by-step instructions provide a great resistance workout for the entire body that can help you reach your weight loss goals.

Total Body Core Exercise

  • Connect the Myosource KB Upper Body Workout Bands to a pole or stable object.
  • Stand sideways with the knees slightly bent and the feet a little wider than hips width apart.
  • Hold the handle of the KB Upper Body Workout Bands in the left hand by the left shoulder.
  • Act like you are going to punch the air, bringing the arm nice and close across the body. Shannon gives the example of twisting like a Barbie Doll at the middle of the body.
  • As the arm is brought forward past the ear, bring the head down to shoulder level while the hand punches over and out in front of the head. It is okay to rotate the back foot, but make sure to focus on rotating the core and tucking the abs in tight with each rotation.
  • Make sure the right foot (or whichever foot is the farthest out at the time) is planted. It should not move, but remain stable and balanced.
  • Perform 20 on the left side and then switch to the right.
  • Remember to breath out every time you turn and breath in on the way back to the starting position. 
  • Start slow to make sure the form is correct and then increase the speed to burn more calories.
  • After performing 20 reps on each side increase the resistance again.
  • As the level of resistance increases, you will feel the stronger tension in the core and throughout the upper and lower body.

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