Space Saver Gym - Resistance Band Wall Anchor (1 Rail + 1 Rail Car)

Female demonstrating that the Space Saver Gym (wall mount anchor) is a great way to workout with resistance bands at home or the office (Resistance Bands Sold Separately).

Space Saving Gym for Easy At Home Workouts

Space Saver Gym from Dunn Concepts is the perfect addition to any home or office to help maximize your resistance training workouts without taking up a lot of room. It accommodates most elastic tubing resistance bands and allows you to perform hundreds of workouts in one spot quickly and efficiently. When mounted vertically, this at home gym provides 8 different levels (heights) to work out from so even the kids can get a great workout too! Easily slide the rail car in two inch increments to adjust the height with the touch of a button.


1 - Stainless Steel Hook/Railcar: The Rail Car/Hook is designed for use with a single elastic tubing resistance band (sold separately)

1 - Set of 10 Screws (#8, 2 inch, course thread, sharp point)

1 - Mounting Bracket/Rail (3 foot section of heavy aluminum)

2 - Rubber Washers to be placed at the top and bottom of the mounting bracket/rail

Easy to Follow Installation Instructions

Space Saver Gym not only saves space, but it takes away the excuses because it’s always ready for a workout!

Ideal for homes, offices, schools, professional gyms or hotels. Why not provide everyone with easy access to a great, healthy workout!

Resistance Bands sold separately.

Volume Discounts Available.

WE ALSO OFFER ANOTHER OPTION! Space Saver Gym - Resistance Band Wall Anchor (2 Rails + 2 Rail Cars)

Why Resistance Training is Beneficial for Everyone

Many health conscious people are discovering the benefits of resistance training. Training with resistance bands allows you to target specific muscle groups to tone your body and build lean muscle mass without having to lift weights or even leave your home or office.

Physical Therapy and Strength and Conditioning Specialists use resistance training to aid in physical rehabilitation and strength development.

Do not mount only to the drywall, or to the wall covering. It must be secured into the studs/supports. Read instructions completely before mounting.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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