Kinetic RT® Full Body Workout Kit

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This kinetic resistance training kit includes 3 great resistance training products for a full body workout. Kinetic Bands (leg resistance bands) to strengthen the legs, hips, and core. The Kinetic RT Upper Body with 4 levels of resistance for building upper body strength. The Kinetic RT Suspension Straps for core workout and targeting specific muscles groups to build upper and lower body strength.

Kinetic Resistance Training Workout Kit For A Full Body Workout

The Kinetic RT® Full Body Workout Kit provides the tools you need to improve total body strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance. This Kinetic Resistance Training Kit combines three great Myosource resistance training products that help you easily target and strengthen individual muscle groups for an exceptional strength building workout for every part of your body.

Whether you are a beginner athlete or advanced, our Kinetic RT® Full Body Workout Kit can help any serious athlete take their training and athletic performance to the next level.

Get exceptional savings and improve your total body strength when you purchase this powerful full body workout combination

This kit includes:

Kinetic Bands® (Leg Resistance Exercise Bands) work to strengthen the muscles in your legs, hips, and core area while you train. Resistance training with Kinetic Bands will increase speed and agility, improve flexibility, balance, endurance, and overall athletic performance without changing your normal workout routine, even during sport-specific training.

Available in 3 options - includes: two easily adjustable Velcro leg straps; 4 sets (5 for advanced) of resistance bands*; handy travel bag

  • Level 1: Users that weigh under 110 pounds (50 kg)
    grey-beginner, light green-intermediate, light blue-advanced, yellow-power resistance bands
  • Level 2: Users that weigh 110 pounds (50 kg) or more
    red-beginner, orange-intermediate, green-advanced, blue-power resistance bands
  • Level 3: Advanced Athletes who weigh 110 pounds (50 kg) or more
    red-beginner, orange-intermediate, green-advanced, blue-power, black-elite resistance bands

Kinetic RT® Upper Body provides an exceptional upper body workout. Four long resistance bands of varying resistance levels can be used individually or together to give you the desired resistance level needed to meet your training goals.

Includes: two handles, four 55 inch* resistance bands of varying resistance**, over the door attachment, two ankle straps, and mesh travel bag

*measured from tip of clip to tip of clip. Tubing is approximately 48 inches in length.

**Yellow/Beginner (5 lbs), Green/Intermediate (15 lbs), Red/Advanced (20 lbs), Blue/Elite (30 lbs).

The Level 3 (Advanced Athlete) kit includes the Black/Pro Athlete Band (35 lbs) for an additional $10.00.

Kinetic RT® Suspension Straps harness the resistance power of your own body weight to target and train specific muscle groups in the upper body, lower body, and core with ease. Attach to an overhead mount (not included) or door mount and increase or decrease the fitness level by positioning your feet closer to or farther from the center.

Includes: two adjustable suspension straps; two comfort grip handles; door mount; mounting strap; and travel bag.

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